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  Person Organization Department City, State Fields of Interest
viewDr John D AberUniversity of New HampshireComplex Systems Research CenterDurham, NHForest Ecosystem carbon, water and nutrient balances
viewTom AckermanUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric Sciences and JISAOSeattle, WARadiative properties and impacts of clouds and aerosol; remote sensing; radiative forcing of climate
viewDr. Jimmy O AdegokeUniversity of Missouri Kansas CityGeosciencesKansas City, MOLand-atmosphere Interactions; Climate Change Impacts
viewProf. Amir AghaKouchakUniversity of California, IrvineCivil and Environmental Engineering, and Department of Earth System Science Irvine, CAHydrology, climatology, land-surface modeling, drought monitoring, climate extremes, remote sensing
viewDr Michael A AlexanderNOAA/Earth System Research LaboratoryPhysical Science DivisionBoulder, COAtmospheric and oceanic teleconnections associated with ENSO. -Atmospheric response to sea ice anomalies - impact of climate variability on ecosystems - upper ocean physics - coupled atmosphere-ocean modeling
viewBecky AlexanderUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric SciencesSeattle, WAchemistry-climate interactions, stable isotope geochemistry
viewMatthew AlfordUniversity of WashingtonApplied Physics Laboratory and School of OceanographySeattle, WAinternal waves and turbulence and their impact on the global ocean circulation
viewSteven D AllisonUC IrvineEcology & Evolutionary Biology and Earth System ScienceIrvine, CAMicrobial responses to climate change, modeling of microbial processes and carbon cycling.
viewProf Ronald AmundsonUniversity of California, BerkeleyEnvironmental Science Policy & ManagementBerkeley, CAisotopic geochemistry of soils and soil atmosphere, soil carbon cycling, soil nitrogen cycling
viewCort AnastasioUniversity of California - DavisLand, Air, & Water ResourcesDavis, CAAtmospheric Chemistry
viewKevin AnchukaitisUniversity of ArizonaLaboratory of Tree Ring Research Tucson, ARIZONApaleoclimatology, dendroclimatology, dendrochronology, climate field reconstructions, forward modeling, proxy systems modeling, coupled human-natural systems, stable isotope geochemistry, the Common Era and the last millennium
viewWilliam AndereggUniversity of UtahDepartment of BiologySalt Lake City, UT
viewDavid M AndersonNOAA's National Climatic Data CenterPaleoclimatologyBoulder, COPaleoclimate reconstructions of the Indian Monsoon. Paleoclimate reconstructions of carbon in the ocean and atmosphere
viewDr. Robert AndersonColumbia UniversityLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisades, NYPaleoclimate; climate-related changes in ocean circulation and the carbon cycle
viewJeffrey AndersonNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchInstitute for Mathematics Applied to GeosciencesBoulder, COData assimilation Earth system modeling Earth system prediction
viewProf. Bruce T. AndersonBoston UniversityEarth and EnvironmentBoston, MAGlobal and regional climate variability and change; Atmospheric dynamics and hydrology; Large-scale ocean/atmosphere interactions; Climate/land-surface interactions
viewCarrie AppelUCARBoulder, COTesting databases
viewDr David ArcherThe University of ChicagoDept. of Geophysical SciencesChicago, IL
viewEmma L. Aronson, PhDUniversity of California, RiversidePlant Pathology and MicrobiologyRiverside, CAMy laboratory performs research on soil microorganisms, soil greenhouse gas exchange and the transport of microorganisms into novel environments.
viewSankar ArumugamNorth Carolina State UniversityDepartment of Civil, Construction and Environmental EngineeringRaleigh, NCHydroclimatology, Climate Forecasts and Near-term climate change projections, Climate-water-energy nexus, Data assimilation for improving hydrologic forecasts, Hydroclimatic extremes.
viewAnthony AufdenkampeStroud Water Research CenterOrganic & Isotope GeochemistryAvondale, PAOrganic matter and nutrient processes within watersheds -- from soils to estuaries -- that determine the ultimate fate either as a greenhouse gas or sequestered within colluvial, alluvial or coastal sedimentary deposits.
viewProf Roni AvissarDuke UniversityDepartment of Civil and Environmental EngineeringDurham, NCnumerical modeling of the climate system (atmosphere, land, ocean and lakes)
viewC Bruce BakerNOAA National Climate Data CenterAsheville, NCClimate Change, Physical Meteorology and Meteorological Instrumentation
viewDennis BaldocchiUniversity of California, BerkeleyEnvironmental Science Policy and ManagementBerkeley, CABiosphere-Atmosphere Interactions; Biometeorology
viewStuart D. BaleBerkeleySpace Sciences LaboratoryBerkeley, CAplasma turbulence, collisionless shocks, solar wind acceleration and heating, electric field and wave measurements, experimental techniques
viewDr Ana BarrosDuke UniversityCivil and Environmental EngineeringDurham, NCHydrology, hyrdroclimatology, natural hazards, ecohydrology, impacts
viewDr Roger G BarryUniversity of Colorado, BoulderGeography/ National Snow and Ice Data CenterBoulder, COcryosphere-climate interactions documenting the cryosphere and trends in its characteristics
viewPatrick J BartleinUniversity of OregonDepartment of GeographyEugene, ORClimatology and paleoclimatology, paleoecology, data analysis, geographical visualization
viewDr Timothy BatesNOAAPacific Marine Environment LaboratorySeattle, WAAtmospheric chemistry, aerosols, climate
viewProf David S BattistiUniversity of WashingtonDepartment of Atmospheric SciencesSeattle, WALarge-scale atmosphere-ocean dynamics; tropical circulation; physics of natural variability in Arctic climate; climate dynamics; paleoclimate
viewDr Andrew F BennettFNMOC Monterey, CA
viewMax BerkelhammerUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoEarth and Environmental SciencesChicago, ILClimate, paleoclimate, global carbon and water cycles, ecohydrology, land surface-atmosphere interactions, boundary layer processes, trace gases and stable isotopes
viewProfessor Joseph BerryCarnegie Institution of WashingtonDepartment of Global EcologyStanford, CA
viewThomas BirnerColorado State UniversityDepartment of Atmospheric ScienceFort Collins, COGeneral Circulation, Stratospheric Dynamics and Transport, Upper Troposphere / Lower Stratosphere (tropical and extratropical), Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling
viewDr Jim K BishopE.O. Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEarth Sciences DivisionBerkeley, CAOcean carbon cycle dynamics
viewCecilia BitzUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric SciencesSeattle, WAhigh-latitude climate, climate modeling, sea ice and climate interactions, paleoclimate
viewDavid BlackStony Brook UniversitySchool of Marine and Atmospheric ScienceStony Brook, NYhigh-resolution paleoceanography, tropical paleoclimatology
viewDr. David BlackStony Brook UniversitySchool of Marine and Atmospheric SciencesStony Brook, NYPaleoceanography, paleoclimatology, carbon cycling
viewDr Geoffrey A BlakeCalifornia Institute of TechnologyDivision of Geological and Planetary SciencesPasadena, CAAtmospheric chemistry, global biogeochemical cycles
viewSimona BordoniCalifornia Institute of TechnologyEnvironmental Science and EngineeringPasadena, CALarge-scale atmospheric dynamics; tropical circulations; monsoons; climate dynamics
viewAmy BowerWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPhysical Oceanography Woods Hole, MAPhysical Oceanography
viewMr David BowlingUniversity of UtahDepartment of BiologySalt Lake City, UTMy primary research interests are in ecosystem ecology, particularly the biogeochemical cycling of carbon and water within terrestrial ecosystems. Work in my lab focuses on examining carbon and water relations of plants and soils at the ecosystem scale, with the principal goals of understanding 1) ecosystem physiological processes, 2) factors influencing the carbon and hydrological cycles within ecosystems, 3) biosphere-atmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and their isotopes, and 4) ecosystem water balance, particularly in ecosystems of the western United States. This work is interdisciplinary in nature, requiring collaboration with colleagues from a variety of scientific disciplines, including plant physiology, soil science, hydrology, micrometeorology, and geochemistry.
viewProf Raymond S BradleyUniversity of MassachusettsDepartment of GeosciencesAmherst, MAclimate variability on instrumental and paleoclimatic timescales; laminated lake sediments
viewRaymond Stuart BradleyUniversity of MassachusettsGeosciencesAmherst, MAPaleoclimatology, climatology, paleolimnology. Regional focus on the Arctic and North Atlantic region.
viewDr Christopher BrethertonUniversity of WashingtonDepartment of Atmospheric Sciences Seattle, WAAtmospheric convection, clouds, boundary layers, and climate modeling
viewDr. Scott BridghamUniversity of OregonCenter for Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyEugene, OREGONclimate change impacts on ecosystems and communities, trace gas dynamics, biogeochemistry, wetland ecology
viewDr Anthony J BroccoliRutgers UniversityDept. of Env. SciencesNew Brunswick, NJClimate Change Climate Modeling
viewCharles BrockNOAAEarth System Research LaboratoryBoulder, COAerosol physics and optics
viewEoin BrodieLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryClimate and Ecosystem SciencesBerkeley, CA, CALIFORNIASoil science, biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, microbiology, microbial ecology, genomics, modeling.
viewDr Edward BrookOregon State UniversityCollege of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric SciencesCorvallis, ORIce core paleoclimate records, particularly greenhouse gas records. Accretion of extraterrestrial material to the earth.
viewDr Kristen BuckUniversity of South FloridaCollege of Marine ScienceSt Petersburg, FLTrace metal biogeochemistry, chemical speciation, nutrients, water quality
viewChristo BuizertOregon State UniversityCollege of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric SciencesCorvallis, ORPaleoclimate, abrupt climate change, ice cores, climate dynamics, atmospheric composition, firn processes, ice core time scales.
viewDr Stephen J BurnsUniversity of MassachusettsDepartment of GeosciencesAmherst, MApaleoclimatology, paleolimnology, application of speleothems to studies of paleoclimate
viewDr Antonio J BusalacchiUniversity of MarylandEarth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC)College Park, MDtropical ocean modeling, tropical climate studies, data assimilation
viewJames H ButlerNOAAClimate Monitoring and Diagnostics LaboratoryBoulder, , CO Marine and atmospheric chemistry
viewDavid ButmanUniversity of WashingtonSchool of Environmental and Forest ScienceSeattle, WASHINGTONInland Waters, Carbon Biogeochemistry, Remote Sensing and GIS, Land-Water linkages.
viewDr. Ted CableKansas State UniversityDepartment of Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation ResourcesManhattan, KS1) environmental education and environmental interpretation 2)park and nature preserve management 3)sustainable ecotourism and agritourism in developing countries
viewSuzana J CamargoLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia UniversityOcean and Climate Physics DivisionPalisades, NYRelationship of tropical cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons) and climate.
viewDr Mark A CaneColumbia UniversityLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisades, NYPaleoclimate modeling; ENSO theory and prediction; Applications of climate prediction, especially to health and agriculture; Data assimilation and statistical methods of data analysis
viewDr Antonietta CapotondiNOAA Earth System Research LaboratoryPhysical Science DivisionBoulder, COPhysical Oceanography, Role of the Ocean in Climate Variability and Change, Interannual and Decadal Tropical Pacific Variability, Influence of Climate Variability and Change upon Ecosystem Dynamics.
viewChristopher CappaUniversity of California, DavisCivil and Environmental EngineeringDavis, CAOptical properties of aerosols Gas-particle partitioning Phase behavior of aerosols
viewDr Zoe CardonMarine Biological LaboratoryEcosystems CenterWoods Hole, MACarbon storage in soils. Plant root-microbe-soil interactions. Hydraulic redistribution of soil water by plants in semi-arid landscapes.
viewAnders E CarlsonOregon State UniversityCollege of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric SciencesCorvallis, ORPast ice sheet history, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology
viewJames Alfred CartonUniversity of MarylandDepartment of Atmospheric and Oceanic ScienceCollege Park, MARYLANDphysical oceanography climate variability
viewJoe CasolaUniversity of WashingtonClimate Impacts Group, College of the EnvironmentSeattle, WARegional Climate Variability and Climate Change, Applied Climatology, Extreme Events, Hydrology, Use of Climate Information by Decision Makers, Climate Communications
viewNicolas CassarDuke UniversityEarth and Ocean SciencesDurham, NCOcean biogeochemistry and ecophysiology
viewDr. Isla S. CastanedaUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstDepartment of GeosciencesAmherst, MAorganic and stable isotope geochemistry, paleoclimate
viewClaudia CenedeseWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPhysical OceanographyWoods Hole, MA Oceanography, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
viewRebeca CentenoNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchHigh Altitude ObservatoryBoulder, COSolar magnetic fields. Spectro-polarimetry. Radiative transfer. Spectral line inversions. Photosphere. Chromosphere. Quiet Sun. Active Regions. Solar cycle. Spicules. Filaments. Waves.
viewDr F Stuart Chapin, IIIUniversity of Alaska- FairbanksInstitute of Arctic BiologyFairbanks, AKLand-atmosphere exchange
viewDr Robert S ChenCIESIN/ Columbia UniversityPalisades, NYHuman dimensions research; climate impact assessment; environmental sustainability; hazard vulnerability and assessment; agriculture and food security; poverty and the Millennium Development Goals; international environmental agreements and institutions; remote sensing applications; interdisciplinary data integration and management
viewBaohua ChenIllinois Institute of TechnologyApplied MathematicsChicago, ILWater vapor, convection forcing, parameterization, numerical modeling
viewDr Weixin ChengUniversity of California - Santa CruzSanta Cruz, CAcarbon cycling in soil systems; control of rhizosphere processes on carbon dynamics; atmosphere-plant-soil interactions
viewTeresa ChereskinScripps Institution of OceanographyPhysical Oceanography Research DivisionLa Jolla, CASouhern Ocean, wind-driven circulation, meridional overturning circulation, eastern boundary currents, acoustic Doppler techniques for velocity measurement
viewDr John ChiangUniversity of California BerkeleyDepartment of GeographyBerkeley, CATropical ocean-atmosphere interactions Mechanisms of tropical ENSO teleconnections Paleoclimate
viewDr William ClarkHarvard UniversityCenter for Science and International AffairsCambridge, MAassessment, vulnerability, impacts, sustainability science
viewPeter U. ClarkOregon State UniversityGeosciencesCorvallis, ORPaleoclimatology, former glaciers and ice sheets, paleo-sea level.
viewCarol ClaysonWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPhysical OceanographyWoods Hole, MAair-sea interaction remote sensing modeling turbulence
viewElsa ClelandUniversity of California San DiegoEcology, Behavior & EvolutionLa Jolla, CAEcology
viewDr. Steven ClemensBrown Univ.Earth, Environmental and Planetary Science Providence, RHODE ISLANDPaleoceanography and Paleoclimate with focus on monsoonal climate change across centennial to tectonic time scales using terrestrial and ocean archives.
viewKim CobbGeorgia Inst. of TechnologyEarth and Atmospheric SciencesAtlanta, GATropical Pacific climate, past and present, with emphasis on paleoclimate reconstructions of SST (corals) and precipitation (corals and speleothems). New projects include multi-proxy reconstruction and paleo-modeling.
viewDr Joel E CohenRockefeller & Columbia UniversitiesLaboratory of Populations & Earth InstituteNew York, NYHuman population distribution and dynamics in relation to environmental factors (such as agriculture, biodiversity, sea level, water supply); human, environmental, economic interactions; mathematical modeling and statistical analysis.
viewRonald C CohenUC BerkeleyChemistry and also Earth and Planetary ScienceBerkeley, CANon CO2 greenhouse gas forcing, aerosol-cloud links, water isotopes and the hydrologic cycle
viewMaureen ColemanUniversity of ChicagoGeophysical SciencesChicago, IL ILLINOISMicrobiology; biogeochemistry; microbial ecology; oceanography; freshwater microbiology; Great Lakes
viewProf. Jeffrey Lee Collett, JrColorado State UniversityAtmospheric Science DepartmentFort Collins, COatmospheric chemistry; air quality; aerosol chemistry; cloud chemistry; N deposition; oil and gas emissions; biomass burning; instrument design
viewDr. Jeffrey L Collett, JrColorado State UniversityAtmospheric Science DepartmentFort Collins, COAerosol chemistry; cloud and fog chemistry; biomass burning; oil and gas emissions; reactive nitrogen emissions, transport, and deposition; impacts of air pollution emissions from unconventional sources
viewJennifer CollinsUniversity of South FloridaGeography, Environment and PlanningTampa, FLHurricanes Climate Change
viewDr. James CollinsArizona State UniversitySchool of Life SciencesTempe, AZEcology and evolution of host-pathogen biology; causes of the global decline of amphibians; evolution of life history characters; intellectual history of ecology’s development as a science; ecological ethics including assisted migration in the face of global change.
viewStephen ColucciCornell UniversityEarth and Atmospheric SciencesIthaca, NYDynamics of mid-latitude weather systems
viewJessica L ConroyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignGeology/Plant BiologyChampaign, ILtropical Pacific and paleoclimate, Monsoon Asia climate and paleoclimate, last glacial loess and midcontinent paleoclimate, water isotopes
viewDr Kerry H CookCornell UniversityDepartment of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Ithaca, NYmodeling tropical climate, mesoscale modeling, African drought, South American climate, tropical paleoclimate
viewBruce CornuelleScripps Instition of Oceanography/UCSDPhysical Oceanography Research DivisionLa Jolla, CAOcean Circulation observations and modeling, regional to basin scale. Inverse modeling, ocean state estimation. Inverse and data assimilation methods, statistical forecast techniques.
viewDr Thomas E Croley, IIGreat Lakes Environmental Research LaboratoryAnn Arbor, MIHydrological Impacts
viewDr Thomas M CroninU.S. Geological SurveyReston, VAholocene paleoclimatology, coastal/ estuarine and deep sea paleo- records
viewMeghan F CroninNOAAPacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL)Seattle, WATropical and extratropical air-sea interaction observed from heavily instrumented surface moorings and Saildrone (an autonomous sailing vessel !!). Particular interests include frontal dynamics, large-scale ocean dynamics, upper ocean processes, hydrological cycle, coupled feedback processes, physical processes of the carbon cycle, and model assessment studies using reference station observations.
viewTimothy W CroninMITEarth, Atmospheric, and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MASSACHUSETTSClimate, Atmospheric Dynamics, Radiation, Convection, Clouds, Paleoclimate
viewMs Bo CuiUniversity of Illinois At Urbana-ChampaignAtmospheric SciencesUrbana, IL
viewDr. Enrique CurchitserRutgers UniversityEnvironmental Sciences/Institute of Marine and Coastal SciencesNew Brunswick, NJClimate, Oceanography, Oceanic Ecosystems, Numerical Modeling.
viewDr Judith CurryGeorgia Institute of Technology Earth and Atmospheric SciencesAtlanta, GAobservational, theoretical, and modeling studies of the arctic climate system
viewDaniel CziczoPacific Northwest National LaboratoryAtmospheric Science and Global ChangeRichland, WAChemical composition of atmospheric aerosols. Cloud formation mechanisms and Earth's radiative budget. Meteoritic debris in the atmosphere.
viewPaolo D'OdoricoUniversity of VirginiaEnvironmental SciencesCharlottesville, VIRGINIAHydrology, Ecohydrology, Deforestation, Land-Atmosphere Interactions, Land Degradation
viewAiguo DaiUniversity at Albany, SUNYAtmospheric and Environmental SciencesAlbany, NYGlobal and regional climate changes, future climate projections, the global water cycle and its response to global warming, hydroclimate changes, drought, and climate data analysis
viewDennis A DarbyOld Dominion UniversityOcean, Earth, & Atmospheric SciencesNorfolk, VAArctic paleoclimate
viewArt DeGaetanoCornell UniversityEarth and Atmospheric SciencesIthaca, NYClimate applications, variation in the observed in situ climate record
viewThomas DelworthNOAA / GFDLU.S. Dept of Commerce/NOAAPrinceton, NJclimate modeling
viewSusanne DemareeUCAR Visiting Scientist ProgramsMediaBoulder, CO
viewDr Peter B DeMenocalLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisades, NYPaleoclimatology/ paleoceanography
viewDr Paul J DeMottColorado State UniversityDepartment of Atmospheric Science Fort Collins, COaerosol-cloud interactions, cloud physics, atmospheric chemistry
viewDr Clara DeserNCARClimate and Global Dynamics DivisionBoulder, COClimate analysis
viewNoah DiffenbaughStanford UniversityDepartment of Earth System ScienceStanford, CADynamics and impacts of climate variability and change, including extreme events, human-environment interactions, and high-resolution climate modeling
viewPedro DiNezioUniversity of Texas Institute for Geophysics Austin, TEXASClimate Dynamics, Climate modeling, Earth System science
viewQinghua DingUniversity of California Santa BarbaraGeographySanta Barbara, CATropical-extratropical Teleconnection Large-scale Atmosphere/Ocean Interaction Polar Climate Variability Paleoclimate Climate Change Seasonal Prediction Coupled Climate Modeling
viewElizabeth DinsdaleSan Diego State UniversityBiologySan Diego, CAMarine microbial ecology
viewDr Glenn DiskinNASA Langley Research CenterChemistry and Dynamics BranchHampton, VAAirborne measurement of atmospheric trace gases
viewJack DiTullioCollege of CharlestonBiologyCharleston, SCBiogeochemistry of the Southern Ocean, Algal physiology and ecology, Radiative trace gases (DMS)
viewGiacomo DiTullioHollings Marine LaboratoryBiologyCharleston, SCGlobal Carbon Cycle, Nutrient Cycling, DMS Biogeochemistry, Phytoplankton community composition estimated from HPLC pigment analyses
viewScott DoneyWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionMarine Chemistry and GeochemistryWoods Hole, MAGlobal carbon cycle; climate and CO2; ocean acidification
viewEllen M DruffelUniversity of CaliforniaEarth System ScienceIrvine, CAChange in ocean circulation and cycling of carbon over past few hundred years
viewDr M K DubeyLos Alamos National LaboratoryEarth Systems ObservationsLos Alamos, NMAerosols, CO2 and trace gas measurements (in situ and remote) to improve process and feedback treatment in climate models. Carbon cycle science and management. Air capture of CO2. Hydrogen economy risks and benefits. Constraining climate sensitivity using observations. Arctic climate change.
viewDr John Patrick DunneNOAA/GFDLClimate and Ecosystems GroupPrinceton, NJOcean ecosystems * Biogeochemistry * Earth System Modeling * Climate Change * Carbon Cycling
viewDr William E EasterlingPennsylvania State UniversityDept. of GeographyState College, PAClimate impacts, land use/ land cover change
viewDr David R EasterlingNational Climate Data CenterAsheville, NCObserved climate variability and change
viewChristopher EdwardsUniversity of CaliforniaOcean SciencesSanta Cruz, CAOcean modeling, coastal dynamics, coupling of physical and biological processes.
viewDr James EhleringerUniversity of UtahDepartment of BiologySalt Lake City, UT
viewAaron M EllisonHarvard UniversityHarvard ForestPetersham, MAEcology; effects of disturbance and climatic change; thresholds and tipping points; ecological statistics
viewDr Elfatih A.B EltahirMassachusettes Institute of TechnologyDept. of Civil and Environmental EngineeringCambridge, MAHydrology
viewDr Kerry A EmanuelMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEarth, Atmospheric, and Planetary ScienceCambridge, MATropical cyclones, Cumulus convection, Parameterization of convection
viewDr Amato EvanUniversity of California, San DiegoScripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CAClimate and Atmospheric Sciences: The role of aerosols, clouds and water vapor in the global climate
viewDr. Michael Neil EvansUniversity of Maryland-College ParkGeology and ESSICCollege Park, MDtropical paleoclimatology, stable isotopes, proxy and climate modeling.
viewSarah E EvansMichigan State UniversityKellogg Biological StationHickory Corners, MIMicrobial communities, biogeochemistry, precipitation
viewChris FairallNOAA ESRL/PSDWeather/Climate PhysicsBoulder, COAir sea gas transfer, Cloud microphysics and aerosol indirect effect, Air sea fluxes at high winds, Air-ice interactions, Turbulence measurements, Remote sensing of clouds and fluxes
viewDr Jay FamigliettiUniversity of Texas at AustinDepartment of Geological SciencesAustin, TXLand surface hydrology and climate system modeling
viewDelphine FarmerColorado State UniversityChemistryFort Collins, COAtmospheric chemistry ; biosphere-atmosphere interactions ; reactive trace gases ; instrument development ; field measurements
viewDr Brian FarrellHarvard UniversityDivision of Engineering and Applied SciencesCambridge, MAClimate modeling
viewDr. Graham FeingoldNOAA Earth System Research LaboratoryChemical Sciences DivisionBoulder, COLORADOCloud microphysics, aerosol-cloud interactions, aerosol direct and indirect forcing, aerosol influences on precipitation, cloud processing of aerosol
viewDr Ralph R FerraroNOAA/NESDIS/ORACamp Springs, MDRemote sensing of hydrological variables
viewMelanie FewingsUniversity of Connecticut, Avery PointDepartment of Marine SciencesGroton, CTCoastal physical oceanography
viewDr Barbara Finlayson-PittsUniversity of California - IrvineDepartment of ChemistryIrvine, CAAtmospheric Chemistry
viewDr Emily V FischerColorado State UniversityAtmospheric ScienceFort Collins, COAtmospheric Chemistry
viewDr. Chip FletcherUniversity of HawaiiSchool of Ocean and Earth Science and TechnologyHonolulu, HIcoastal geology, impacts of climate change and sea level rise on coastal communities, coral reef processes, carbonate sedimentology, Holocene and late Pleistocene paleoclimatology
viewDr Michael J FogartyNOAA/NMFSEcosystem Assessment and DynamicsWoods Hole, MADynamics of Exploited Marine Ecosystems
viewDr Michael J FogartyNOAA/NMFSEcosystem Assessment and Dynamics BranchWoods Hole, MADynamics of Exploited Marine Ecosystems
viewBaylor Fox-KemperCU-BoulderCIRES and ATOCBoulder, CO
viewChristian FrankenbergCalifornia Institute of TechnologyPasadena, CALIFORNIAGlobal Carbon Cycle, Land-Atmosphere interactions, Vegetation and trace gas satellite retrievals
viewDr Alan FriedNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchAtmospheric Chemistry DivisionBoulder, COAtmospheric Chemistry
viewDargan FriersonUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric SciencesSeattle, WAClimate and climate change, simplified models of the atmosphere, effect of water vapor on the general circulation
viewGregory FrostNOAAESRL CSDBoulder, COTropospheric chemistry, emissions, photochemical modeling, analysis of atmospheric observations
viewDr. Stephan FueglistalerPrinceton UniversityAtmospheric & Oceanic Sciences/GeosciencesPrinceton, NEW JERSEYClouds in the tropical tropopause layer Kelvin waves in the tropical atmosphere Structure and dynamics of the stratosphere
viewRobinson (Wally) W. FulweilerBoston UniversityDepartments of Earth and Environment and BiologyBoston, MASSACHUSETTSclimate change, marine biogeochemistry, marine ecology
viewDr Inez FungUniversity of California, BerkeleyCenter for Atmospheric SciencesBerkeley, CACarbon-climate interactions; biogeochemical cycles and climate
viewAlexander GagnonUniversity of WashingtonSchool of OceanographySeattle, WAOcean Acidification, Biomineralization, Paleoceanography, Ocean Change, Coral Reefs, Deep-Sea Coral
viewDr Kevin P GalloNOAA /NESDISSioux Falls, SDland surface processes
viewDr Rolando GarciaNCARBoulder , CODynamics and photochemistry of the middle atmosphere, and their interactions. Effects of solar variability on the atmsophere. Coupling between the stratosphere and troposphere
viewDaniel GavinUniversity of OregonDepartment of GeographyEugene, ORFire history, paleofire, Paleoecological syntheses; modern analogs, Multiproxy paleoclimate records from lake sediments, Species-climate relationships, Dendroclimatology
viewJeffrey GeddesBoston UniversityEarth and EnvironmentBoston, MARemote sensing of atmospheric composition, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, chemical transport modeling, air quality and health.
viewJeffrey GeddesBoston UniversityEarth and EnvironmentBoston, MAatmospheric chemistry, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, remote sensing of atmospheric composition, land cover change
viewPierre GentineColumbia UniversityEarth and Environmental EngineeringNew York, NYLand-atmosphere interactions, boundary layer, ecohydrology
viewProf Michael GhilUniversity of California, Los AngelesInstitute of Geophysics and Planetary PhysicsLos Angeles, CAAtmospheric sciences, climate dynamics, data assimilation, dynamical systems theory, geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical methods, physical oceanography
viewDr Alessandra GianniniColumbia UniversityInternational Research Institute for Climate and SocietyPalisades, NYdynamics of climate variability and change in the tropics
viewChristian P GiardinaUSDA Forest ServiceInstitute of Pacific Islands ForestryHilo, HIclimate, land-use and invasive species impacts on gross primary production, carbon allocation patterns, and belowground carbon cycling
viewJacquelyn L GillUniversity of MaineClimate Change InstituteOrono, MEPaleoecology, paleoeclimate, abrupt climate change, biotic interactions, extinctions
viewDr Sarah GilleScripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CASouthern Ocean processes remote sensing of the ocean
viewDr Larry Di GirolamoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDept of Atmospheric SciencesUrbana, ILSatellite Remote Sensing and Radiative Transfer
viewProf. Anand GnanadesikanJohns Hopkins UniversityEarth and Planetary SciencesBaltimore, MDBiological, chemical and physical oceanography. Climate dynamics.
viewDavid J GochisNCARResearch Applications LaboratoryBoulder, COHydrometeorology, land surface modeling, hydrological modeling, hydrometeorological field observations
viewDr Scott GoetzWoods Hole Research CenterFalmouth , MAGlobal environmental change, arctic and boreal landscapes, permafrost, forest productivity, fire disturbance and recovery, remote sensing, lidar
viewSteven L GoldsteinColumbia UniverstiyLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisades, NYgeochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, sea level history, ocean-continent climate connections
viewDr Miguel A GoniOregon State UniversityCollege of Oceanic and Atmospheric SciencesCorvallis, OROrganic geochemistry; chemical oceanography; paleoceanography
viewProfessor Charles H GreeneCornell UniversityEarth & Atmospheric SciencesIthaca, NYImpacts of climate on marine ecosystems
viewMichele GualaUniversity of MInnesotaCivil Engineering and St. Anthony Falls Laborataoryminneapolis, MN1) Near surface processes in the atmospheric boundary layer 2) Renewable energies 3) Turbulent flows 4) Flow measurement techniques 5) Particles turbulence interaction and sediment transport
viewAlex GuentherNCARACD/TIIMESBoulder, COsee bai.acd.ucar.edu
viewHoshin Vijai GuptaUniversity of ArizonaHydrology & Water ResourcesTucson, ARIZONASurface water hydrology, rainfall-runoff models, land-atmosphere transfer scheme models, flood forecasting,hydrology of semi-arid regions, prediction in ungaged basins, theory of evaluation,constraining lumped and distributed hydrologic models with observations, multi-criteria analysis,sensitivity analysis, blending expert knowledge into automated procedures, Bayesian estimation,recursive methods, uncertainty analysis, information content of data, data assimilation,application of remotely sensed data in hydrology, estimation of precipitation from remotely sensed data, relationship of scale to hydrologic process dominance, development and applications of artificial neural networks,theory and practice of model building, multi-objective stochastic recursive global optimization,interactive computer modeling, multi-resolution multi-disciplinary integrated modeling, decision analysis and decision support systems, merging hydrologic and economic models in support of decision making and policy analysis.
viewDr William J GutowskiIowa State UniversityDepartment of Geologic & Atmospheric SciencesAmes, IARegional climate modeling and hydrologic cycle
viewDr Jennifer HaasePurdue UniversityWest Lafayette, INRemote Sensing; Atmospheric water vapor; Assimilation systems
viewThomas HaineJohns Hopkins UniversityEarth & Planetary SciencesBaltimore, MDTracers and transport; geophysical fluid dynamics; subpolar circulation and dynamics; data assimilation; climate sensitivity; biophysical processes.
viewGregory HakimUniversity of Washington SeattleAtmospheric SciencesSeattle, WAClimate variability, dynamics, and predictability
viewAlexander Hall, PhDUCLAAtmospheric and Oceanic SciencesLos Angeles, CAClimate feedbacks, regional climate dynamics, interdisciplinary collaborations
viewDr. Anna Gannet HallarUniversity of UtahDepartment of Atmospheric ScienceSalt Lake City, UTAtmospheric Science, Aerosols
viewDr. Thomas M HamillNOAA Earth System Research LaboratoryPhysical Sciences Division, Climate Analysis BranchBoulder, CONumerical weather and climate prediction, ensemble prediction, data assimilation, forecast verification
viewThomas F HaniscoNASA GSFCEarth SciencesGreenbelt, MDAtmospheric observations; Photochemistry; Transport of trace species; Airborne instrumentation.
viewDr Dennis A HansellUniversity of MiamiRSMAS/ MACMiami, FLdissolved organic matter, marine biogeochemistry
viewJohn HarrisonWashington State University, VancouverSchool of Earth and Environmental SciencesVancouver, WASee website
viewDr. Robert HarrissHouston Advanced Research CenterThe Woodlands, TXhuman impacts on biogeochemical cycles, energy policy and future greenhouse gas emissions, urbanization as a driving force of global change, global change education
viewProf John HarteUniversity of California - BerkeleyEnergy and Resources GroupBerkeley, CAEcology
viewDr. Kyle J. HartmanWest Virginia UniversityForestry and Natural ResourcesMorgantown, WVAquatic ecology, bioenergetics, trophic ecology, population and climate modeling, population resistance and resilience.
viewDennis L HartmannUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric SciencesSeattle, WARole of clouds and water vapor in climate sensitivity. Global Climate modeling. Low-Frequency variability of the climate system associated with dynamical feedback processes.4
viewDr Meredith HastingsBrown UniversityEarth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences & Inst at Brown for Environment and SocietyProvidence, RIbiogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, nitrogen cycle, isotope geochemistry, paleoclimate
viewDr. Christine HawkesUniversity of Texas at AustinSection of Integrative BiologyAustin, TXCommunity Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry
viewColette L HealdMITCEECambridge, MAatmospheric chemistry, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, chemistry-climate modeling
viewBrian HelmuthUniversity of South CarolinaDepartment of Biological SciencesColumbia, SCCoastal Ecology, Marine Biology, Biogeography
viewSidney R HemmingColumbia UniversityEarth and Environmental SciencesPalisades, NYAbrupt climate change, paleo-ocean circulation, proxy development
viewDr George R HendreyQueens CollegeSchool of Earth and Environmental ScienceFlushing, NYTerrestrial ecology and carbon cycling
viewDr Timothy D HerbertBrown UniversityDepartment of Geological SciencesProvidence, RIorganic geochemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, pollen analysis
viewErin Lee HestirNorth Carolina State UniversityMarine, Earth and Atmospheric SciencesRaleigh, NORTH CAROLINAAquatic ecosystems, biodiversity, water quality, water security, sediment transport, carbon and nutrient cycling, geospatial technologies, earth observations, high spectral (hyperspectral) and high spatial imaging spectroscopy, LiDAR, optical satellite remote sensing, in situ sensor networks, long term monitoring programs
viewDr. Tessa M HillUniversity of California DavisDepartment of Geology & Bodega Marine LaboratoryBodega Bay, CAResearch focuses on recent (late Quaternary to modern) environmental change in the marine environment, utilizing the geochemistry of microfossils and corals to understand: * rates and magnitude of climate change, * response and adaptation of marine species to environmental change * role of methane emissions in climate change and marine geological processes * impact of climate change on carbon cycling and oceanic anoxia * connections between climate change in marine and terrestrial environments * anthropogenic impacts on the ocean system, including ocean acidification and anoxia
viewNoel Michele HolbrookHarvard UniversityOrganismic and Evolutionary BiologyCambridge, MAPlant water uptake and transport. Biosphere:Atmosphere exchange. Effects of drought on ecosystem processes. Climate change effects on vegetation. Ecosystem modeling
viewProfessor David M HollandNew York UniversityCourant Institute of Mathematical SciencesNew York, NYIce-ocean modeling
viewYang HongUniversity of Oklahoma and NOAA/NSSLSchool of Civil Engineering and Environmental SciencesNorman, OKImpacts of Climate Change on Water Availability and Hydrometeorological Extremes
viewDr. Lon Lamar HoodUniversity of ArizonaLunar and Planetary LaboratoryTucson, ARIZONASolar effects on the stratosphere and troposphere
viewDr Gerrit HoogenboomUniversity of GeorgiaBiological and Agricultural EngineeringGriffin, GAAgrometeorology, ecosystem
viewBenjamin Peter HortonRutgers UniversityMarine and Coastal ScienceNew Brunswick, NJMy research concerns sea-level change. I aim to understand and integrate the external and internal mechanisms that have determined sea-level changes in the past, and which will shape such changes in the future
viewBenjamin HoultonUC DavisLand, Air and Water ResourcesDavis, CAClimate-nutrient interactions on land Global nitrogen cycles Isotopic modeling Ecosystem responses to global change
viewDr Matthew HuberPurdue UniversityEarth and Atmospheric Sciences DepartmentWest Lafayette, INClimate dynamics and biogeosphere interactions over Earth's History, ocean-atmosphere interaction
viewPeter HuybersHarvard UniversityEarth and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAI am interested in climate change from the perspective of how it has unfolded over historical and geologic time, as well as improving prediction of future changes.
viewDr. Edward Joseph HyerNaval Research LaboratoryMarine Meteorology DivisionMonterey, CAAerosols; radiation; data assimilation; satellite remote sensing; global modeling; mesoscale modeling
viewLaura IraciNASA Ames Research CenterAtmospheric Science BranchMoffett Field, CAComposition, chemistry, and radiative effects of aerosols produced by biomass burning
viewRobert JacksonStanford UniversityDepartment of Earth System ScienceStanford, CA
viewDr Daniel J JacobHarvard UniversityDept. of Earth and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAAtmospheric chemistry
viewMark Z JacobsonStanford UniversityAtmosphere/Energy Program, Civil and Environmental EngineeringStanford, CAAtmospheric science and energy sciences and engineering
viewLyatt JaegleUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric SciencesSeattle, WAAtmospheric chemistry
viewBethany JenkinsThe University of Rhode IslandCell and Molecular Biology and OceanographyKingston, RITrace metal biogeochemistry, Nutrient metabolism in marine microorganisms, Molecular tools for understanding climate change.
viewDr Jose-Luis JimenezUniversity of Colorado at BoulderBoulder, COAtmospheric chemistry; aerosol physics and chemistry; gas-to-particle conversion; organic aerosols; soot aerosols; coastal aerosols; aircraft and ground-based field measurements; simultaneous measurement of aerosols and trace gases; development of real-time quantitative aerosol instrumentation; quantitative aerosol mass spectrometry; tunable diode laser spectroscopy; combustion emissions characterization and reduction; health effects of aerosols
viewFei-Fei JinUniversity of Hawaii at MaonaMeteorologyHonolulu, HIENSO Theory, Large-scale coupled Dynamics of atmosphere-ocean Interaction, Dynamics of low-frequency variability
viewMarkus JochumNCARCGDboulder, COtropical climate & oceanography, ice ages, and the carbon cycle
viewDr Gregory C JohnsonNOAA Pacific Marine Environmental LabSeattle, WALarge scale ocean circulation, water masses, and their variability; ocean dynamics; ocean-atmosphere interactions; and the ocean's role in climate.
viewDr Thomas C JohnsonUniversity of MinnesotaLarge Lakes ObservatoryDuluth, MNPaleoclimatology, lakes
viewKathleen R JohnsonUniversity of California, IrvineDept. of Earth System ScienceIrvine, CAUltra-high resolution paleoclimate archives, including speleothems and mollusks; Asian monsoon; ENSO; Southwest paleoclimate; Stable isotope and trace element geochemistry; U-series and radiocarbon geochronology
viewMurray JohnstonUniversity of DelawareChemistry and BiochemistryNewark, DEaerosol mass spectrometry; aerosol chemistry; aerosol kinetics; particle nucleation; urban, rural and marine ambient particle measurements
viewCharles JonesUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraInstitute for Computational Earth System ScienceSanta Barbara, CAMadden-Julian Oscillation and impacts on weather and climate; variability and predictability of extreme precipitation and temperature events; global climate change and extreme events
viewJames W JonesUniversity of FloridaAgricultural & Biological EngineeringGainesville, FLClimate change impacts on crop and plant epidemics.
viewTerrence M JoyceWHOIPhysical OceanographyWoods Hole, MAAir-Sea coupling in western boundary currents, decadal variability, oceanic mixing and dynamics.
viewDr Julian P JrUniversity of HawaiiInternational Pacific Research CenterHonolulu, HIequatorial dynamics, general ocean circulation, climate modeling
viewDr. Hann-Ming Henry JuangNOAA/NWS/NCEPEnvironmental Modeling CenterCollege Park, MARYLANDNumerical climate and weather prediction.
viewKristopher KarnauskasWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionWoods Hole, MAClimate variability and change, ocean-atmosphere dynamics, physical oceanography, ENSO
viewDr Darrell KaufmanNorthern Arizona UniversitySchool of Earth Sciences & Environmental SustainabilityFlagstaff, AZHolocene climate variability from high-latitude lake sediments. Proxy development. Geochronology. Data-model comparisons. Data synthesis.
viewJennifer KayUniversity of ColoradoAtmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/CIRESBoulder, COLORADOclimate change and variability, polar regions, clouds, climate forcing and feedbacks, internal climate variability
viewLloyd KeigwinWoods Hole Oceanographic InstiutionGeology and GeophysicsWoods Hole, MAThe oceans' role in climate change. The paleo record of ocean ventilation.
viewDr David KeithCarnegie Mellon UniversityDepartment of Engineering & Public PolicyPittsburgh, PAClimate and energy policy, experimental atmospheric science, quantification of uncertainty
viewDr Kathryn A KellyUniversity of WashingtonApplied Physics LaboratorySeattle, WAOcean circulation and atmosphere/ocean coupling
viewDr Sean C KennanNova SE University Oceanographic CenterDania Beach, FLMesoscale and large scale ocean circulation, tropical oceanography, climate, physical forcing of marine ecosystems
viewMarat KhairoutdinovStony Brook UniversitySchool of Marine and Atmospheric SciencesStony Brook, NYCloud model, climate modeling, super-parameterization, convection, high-resolution modeling
viewNancy Y KiangNASA-GISSGoddard Institute for Space StudiesNew York, NYbiosphere-atmosphere interactions, terrestrial ecosystem dynamics, canopy radiative transfer, plant physiology, plant phenology, vegetation community dynamics, coupled carbon and nitrogen cycling, soil biogeochemistry, climate change, GCMs, modeling
viewGeorge N KiladisEarth System Research Laboratory, NOAAPhysical Sciences DivisionBoulder, CO
viewGeorge KiladisESRL/NOAAPhysical Sciences DivisionBoulder, COLORADOTropical Meteorology, Equatorial waves, tropical convection, tropical-extratropical interaction
viewDaniel Kirk-DavidoffUniversity of MarylandAtmospheric and Oceanic ScienceCollege Park, MDPaleoclimate modeling; diagnostics of climate sensitivity; interaction of surface topography and roughness with climate; role of stratospheric water and clouds in climate
viewDaniel KnopfStony Brook UniversitySchool of Marine and Atmospheric SciencesStony Brook, NYAerosol-cloud interactions. Phase transition of atmospheric aerosol particles. Homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation of ice from pre-existing aerosol particles. Gas-to-particle, termed heterogeneous, reactions. Chemical modification of organic particulate matter by atmospheric trace gases.
viewLora KoenigUniversity of ColoradoNational Snow and Ice Data Center at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental ScienceBoulder, COGlacier and Ice Sheet Change, Surface Mass Balance, Passive and Active Microwave Remote Sensing, Snow Water equivalent
view6581823 Alexandra Konings, 6581823Stanford UniversityEarth System ScienceStanford, CAEcohydrology, remote sensing
viewProf. Robert Evans KoppRutgers UniversityEarth & Planetary SciencesPiscataway, NJpaleoclimate, paleo-sea level, sea level change, Bayesian statistics, integrated assessment
viewDr Witold F KrajewskiUniversity of IowaIIHR-Hydroscience & EngineeringIowa City, IAHydrometeorology, Remote Sensing, Floods
viewDr. John KrastingNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL)Princeton, NJclimate change, carbon-cycle climate interactions, oceanography, meteorology, model development, climate sensitivity, internal variability, and feedbacks
viewDr Ken W KraussU.S. Geological SurveyWetland and Aquatic Research CenterLafayette, LOUISIANAPhysiological Ecology; Vulnerability of Coastal Forested Wetlands to Sea-level Rise; Hydrology of Tidal Ecosystems
viewDr Sonia KreidenweisColorado State UniversityAtmospheric Science DepartmentFort Collins, COindirect aerosol radiative forcing ice nucleation
viewDr R V KrishnamurthyWestern Michigan UniversityDepartment of GeosciencesKalamazoo, MIStable isotope geochemistry
viewV. KrishnamurthyGeorge Mason UniversityCenter for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere StudiesFairfax, VAMonsoon, Climate variability, Climate change, Nonlinear dynamics
viewProf T N KrishnamurtiFlorida State UniversityDepartment of MeteorologyTallahassee, FLSeasonal Climate Forecasts using the multimodel approach
viewJesse KrollMITCivil and Environmental EngineeringCambridge, MAAtmospheric chemistry of organic compounds
viewDr Zhiming KuangHarvard UniversityDept. Earth and Planetary Sciences and Division of Engineering and Applied SciencesCambridge, MATropical dynamics
viewProfessor Raphael Martin KudelaUniversity of California Santa CruzOcean SciencesSanta Cruz, CACoastal oceanography, harmful algal blooms, ocean optics, phytoplankton ecophysiology
viewDr Kuldip KumarUniversity of MinnesotaDept. of Soil, Water & ClimateSt. Paul, MNCarbon sequestration
viewYing-Hwa Bill KuoUCARCOSMIC Project OfficeBoulder, CORegional climate simulation with WRF model. Use of GPS radio occultation data for weather prediction and climate monitoring. Numerical simulation of hurricanes and other severe storms.
viewDr Yochanan KushnirColumbia UniversityLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisades, NYclimate analysis and modeling, impacts
viewYoung-Oh KwonWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPhysical Oceanography DepartmentWoods Hole, MAOcean's Role in Climate, Decadal Climate Variability, Large-scale Ocean Circulation, Mode Water, Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
viewDr C Aaron LaiLos Alamos National LaboratoryEarth and Environmental Sciences DivisionLos Alamos, NMClimate data analysis; regional coupled ocean-atmospheric modeling; gloval ocean modeling, global coupled ocean-atmospheric modeling; Antarctic circumpolar wave and El Nino study; sea-ice modeling; atmospheric chemistry, ocean biogeochemical modeling
viewDr Upmanu LallColumbia UniversityDept of Earth & Env EngNew York City, NYDynamic Risk Modeling of Extreme Precipitation and Floods using a Causal Chain
viewBrian LambWashington State UniversityLaboratory for Atmospheric ResearchPullman, WA
viewDr. Sara LanceState University of New York at AlbanyAtmospheric Sciences Research CenterAlbany, NYExperimental Investigation of the fundamental interactions between Aerosols, Clouds and Precipitation, including: 1) Cloud processing of aerosol, 2) Cloud phase transitions, 3) Chemical properties and mixing-state of cloud condensation nuclei and ice nuclei, 4) Instrument development and characterization
viewAlexander LaskinPacific Northwest National LaboratoryEnvironmental Molecular Science LaboratoryRichland, WAPhysical Chemistry of Aerosols
viewDan LawsonU.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering LaboratoryGeophysical SciencesHanover, NHGlacier dynamics, glacial erosion, transport and deposition; paleoclimate of Holocene and LGM, climate change and impacts on cryogenic features and processes, glacial geology of Glacier bay and south central Alaska
viewDr. Cindy LeeStony Brook UniversityMarine Sciences Research CenterStony Brook, NEW YORKOrganic geochemistry; Chemical oceanography; Carbon cycle
viewJung-Eun LeeBrown UniversityGeological SciencesProvidence, RIClimate dynamics, stable isotope biogeochemistry, land-atmosphere interaction, hydrological cycle
viewShanhu LeeUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleAtmospheric ScienceHuntsville, ALAtmospheric chemistry
viewScott LehmanUniversity of ColoradoINSTAAR and Dept. of Geological SciencesBoulder, COpaleoclimatology, paleoceanography, radiocarbon and carbon cycle research
viewDr Donald H LenschowNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchMesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Div.Boulder, COplanetary boundary layer, atmospheric turbulence
viewDr L Ruby LeungPacific Northwest National LaboratoryEnvironmental & Health Sciences DivisionRichland, WARegional climate modeling, climate impacts on water resources
viewNaomi E LevinJohns Hopkins UniversityEarth and Planetary SciencesBaltimore, MDpaleoclimate, isotope geochemistry, triple oxygen isotopes, paleoecology, ecosystem change
viewErnie LewisBrookhaven National LaboratoryAtmospheric Sciences DivisionUpton, NEW YORKAerosol production, properties, and behavior, especially with regard to uptake of water vapor (including activation to form cloud drops), light scattering and absorption, and the interrelations between these two.
viewNing LinPrinceton UniversityPrinceton, NJ•Tropical Cyclones and Climate •Natural Hazards and Risk Analysis •Stochastic Modeling •Wind Engineering •Coastal Engineering
viewShian-Jiann LinNOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics LaboratoryPrinceton, NJNumerical weather Predictions Climate modeling Seasonal predictions of extreme events Global cloud-resolving simulations Development of advanced dynamical core for atmospheric modeling
viewHenry LinPenn State Univ.Ecosystem Science and ManagementUniversity Park, PAHydropedology, Critical Zone science, ecosystems science, thermodynamics, global change
viewDr Richard S LindzenMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridge, MAAtmospheric dynamics and physics
viewBenjamin Richard LintnerRutgers, The State University of New JerseyEnvironmental SciencesNew Brunswick, NJTropical Climate Dynamics Climate Variability and Change Convection and Precipitation Land-Atmosphere Interactions
viewElena LitchmanMichigan State UniversityKellogg Biological Station and EEBBHickory Corners, MIphysical-biological coupling in aquatic systems re-organization of plankton communites under global change harmful algal blooms
viewDr Zhengyu LiuUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonDept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic SciencesMadison, WIOcean general circulation, coupled modeling of the ocean-atmosphere system, climate dynamics, paleoclimate
viewDr. Michael E. LoikUniversity of California Santa CruzEnvironmental StudiesSanta Cruz, CALIFORNIAPhysiological Ecology, Meteorology, Climatology, Ecosystem Ecology, Global Change Biology
viewMichael William LomasBigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesEast Boothbay, MAINEPhytoplankton Ecology Marine Biogeochemistry Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus cycling
viewNicole LovenduskiUniversity of Colorado at BoulderAtmospheric and Oceanic Sciences / Institute of Arctic and Alpine ResearchBoulder, COMarine carbon cycle; ocean climate variability and change; ocean modeling
viewDr Tim K LowensteinBinghamton UniversityDepartment of Geological Sciences and Environmental StudiesBinghamton, NY
viewDr. David LundUniversity of MichiganDepartment of Geological SciencesAnn Arbor, MIPaleoclimatology, paleoceanography, biogeochemical cycles.
viewDr. Jessica LundquistUniversity of WashingtonCivil and Environmental EngineeringSeattle, WAsnow, mountain hydrology, mountain meteorology, weather-climate connections, hydroclimatology
viewProf anthony R. LupoUniversity of MissouriSoil, Environmental, and Atmospheric SceinceColumbia, MOAtmospheric Dynamics, Climate, Climate Dynamics
viewDr. Jennifer MacKinnonScripps Institution of OceanographyPhysical OceanographyLa Jolla, CA
viewProf. Gudrun MagnusdottirUniversity of California IrvineEarth System ScienceIrvine, CAatmospheric dynamics and climate dynamics
viewAmala MahadevanWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPhysical OceanographyWoods Hole , MAOceanography
viewNatalie MahowaldCornell UniversityEarth and Atmospheric SciencesIthaca, NYModeling atmospheric interactions between biogeochemistry and climate.
viewEdward Maibach, MPH, PhDGeorge Mason UniversityCenter of Excellence in Climate Change Communication ResearchFairfax, VAFounded in August, 2007, the Center of Excellence in Climate Change Communication Research (CECCCR)is the nation's first research center devoted exclusively to addressing the communication challenges associated with global climate change. While the scientific evidence of climate change has never been clearer, exactly how to foster widespread policy and behavior change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is less well understood. Designing effective behavior change and advocacy campaigns will require a thorough understanding of various audiences, including how best to reach and communicate with them, and how best to make it easy for them to adopt new behaviors. Our Center is dedicated to addressing these challenges. Our efforts are focused on four strategic areas: 1. Engaging a broad range of research experts and business, non-profit and government leaders to identify the most pressing communication, marketing and behavior change research questions. 2. Conducting communication, marketing and behavior change research to learn how best to educate, motivate and assist people and businesses in reducing their - and our nation's - "carbon footprint" 3. Providing technical assistance to a broad range of organizations (in the public, non-profit and private sectors) so as to improve their climate change education, communication, advocacy and behavior change programs. 4. Encouraging the development of similar initiatives abroad, especially in nations where effective societal responses are urgently needed to avert the climate crisis (such as China, India, Brazil and Russia).
viewMichael MannPenn State UniversityMeteorology; GeosciencesUniversity Park, PApaleoclimate reconstructions and modeling, dynamical responses of climate to forcing Hurricane/Tropical Cyclone relationships
viewJingqiu MaoUniversity of Alaska FairbanksChemistry and Biochemistry, Geophysical InstituteFairbanks, ALASKAAtmospheric Chemistry, Chemistry-climate interaction, Arctic greening, Boreal forest fire
viewDr Brian MapesUniversity of MiamiRSMAS / MPOMiami, FLAtmospheric processes
view3054214275 Brian MapesUniversity of Miamicoral gables, FLORIDAAtmospheric dynamics and convection Data analysis
viewTom MarchittoUniversity of Colorado, BoulderInstitute of Arctic and Alpine Research, and Dept. of Geological SciencesBoulder, COPaleoceanography, paleoclimatology, rapid climate change, marine carbon cycle, trace metal proxy development
viewShaun A MarcottUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonDepartment of GeoscienceMadison, WIPaleoclimatology, Ice Sheet and Glacier Change, Paleoceanography, Cosmogenic Nuclide Dating
viewIrina MarinovUniversity of PennsylvaniaEarth and Environmental SciencePhiladelphia, PAoceanography (physical, chemical, biological), large scale climate dynamics, carbon cycle, atmosphere-ocean and land-ocean interactions, ocean ecology, climate impacts, Southern Ocean dynamics.
viewCorey D. MarkfortIIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering, The University of IowaCivil and Environmental EngineeringIowa City, IOWAAtmospheric boundary layer; Renewable energy and wind engineering; Environmental fluid mechanics; Turbulence; Biosphere-atmosphere interaction; Hydrometeorology; Earth systems dynamics and change
viewProf John C MarshallMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAocean modeling, climate modeling, biogeochemical cycles, decadal climate variability
viewScot MartinHarvard UniversitySchool of Engineering and Applied SciencesCambridge, MASSACHUSETTSatmospheric chemistry
viewDr Wieslaw MaslowskiNaval Postgraduate SchoolOceanography DepartmentMonterey, CAHigh latitude oceanography, coupled ice-ocean modeling, polar and global climate change
viewJeremy MathisNOAA PMELSeattle, WAMarine Carbon Biogeochemistry
viewReed MaxwellColorado School of MinesGeology and Geologic EngineeringGolden, COHydrologic impacts and feedbacks under climate change
viewDr R.T.James McAteerNew Mexico State UniversityAstronomylas cruces, NMHeating of the coronal, and acceleration of the solar wind by waves, flows and nanoflares. Spectropolarimetric inversions. The Sun-Earth connection, including the effects of space weather throughout the solar system, predicting the onset of solar flares, and tracking coronal mass ejections. Studies of the magnetic complexity of active regions and searches for signatures of imminent solar flares, general studies of complexity and turbulence in science, and design of risk management performance measures for space weather predictions. Solar cycle, and the effects on planets and the viability of life.
viewJohn McCormackNRLSpace Science DivisionWashington , DCInvestigating the impact of solar variability on the composition and dynamics of the middle atmosphere (10-100 km) through both modeling and data assimilation studies.
viewDr Greg M McFarquharUniversity of IllinoisDepartment of Atmospheric SciencesUrbana, ILIndirect aerosol radiative forcing, cloud resolving modeling studies
viewDr. Robert McGrawBrookhaven National LaboratoryBiological, Environmental and Climate Sciences DepartmentUpton, NYAtmospheric nucleation and growth processes; Aerosol dynamics
viewGalen McKinleyUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonAtmospheric and Oceanic SciencesMadison, WIOcean physical/biogeochemical interactions Great Lakes physics and biogeochemistry Carbon cycling, global and regional Numerical modeling of ocean and great lakes
viewGalen A McKinleyColumbia University Earth and Environmental Science and Lamont Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisades, NEW YORKOcean carbon cycle Global carbon cycle Carbon / climate feedbacks Large lake carbon
viewDr Jerry F McManusLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryDepartment of Earth and Environmental SciencesPalisades, NYPaleoceanography
viewJames McNamaraBoise State UniversityGeoscienceBoise, IDWatershed hydrology, ecohydrology, snow hydrology, geomorphology
viewDr Michael J McPhadenNOAAPacific Marine Environmental LaboratorySeattle, WALarge scale ocean dynamics, ocean-atmosphere interactions, the ocean's role in climate, El Nino/ Southern Oscillation
viewDr James C McWilliamsUniversity of California, Los AngelesDepartment of Atmospheric Sciences/ IGPPLos Angeles, CAOcean modeling
viewCarlos R MechosoUniversity California Los AngelesAtmospheric and Oceanic SciencesLos Angeles, CAAmerican Monsoons, Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions, Influence of SST anomalies on the atmosphere
viewFrederick A.B. MeyersonUniversity of Rhode IslandNatural Resources ScienceKingston, RIPopulation and Climate Change, Population and Ecosystem Change, Demographic trends and policy, Climate policy, Environmental policy, Adaptation to Climate Change, Environmental media
viewMs Emily MichaudNASAGoddard Institute for Space StudiesNew York, NYClimate, earth observations, climate impacts, climate dynamics, planetary atmospheres, global cloud properties, aerosols and clouds, paleoclimate & pollen studies, radiative processes
viewDr Anna MichelWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionApplied Ocean Physics and Engineering woods hole, MA
viewLoretta J MickleyHarvard UniversitySchool of Engineering and Applied SciencesCambridge, MARelationships between atmospheric chemistry and climate change.
viewDr Norman L MillerUC Berkeley National LaboratoryBerkeley, CAHydroclimate modeling and analyses at a range of scales. Past, present, and future climate simaulations, data assimialtions, and fundamental science research.
viewDr Chris MillerNOAA Office of Global ProgramsClimate Change Data & Detection/Climate ObservationsSilver Springs, MD
viewArthur J MillerScripps Institution of OceanographyOceans and Atmosphere SectionLa Jolla, CADecadal variability, coupled ocean-atmosphere interaction, marine ecosystem response to climate, data assimilation, predictability
viewCharles E MillerJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of TechnologyPasadena, CACarbon cycle science, Arctic-Boreal CO2 and CH4, Megacity GHG Emissions
viewJames R. MillerRutgers UniversityMarine and Coastal SciencesNew Brunswick, NJClimate Change and Climate Feedbacks
viewJohn B MillerNOAA Earth System Research LaboratoryGlobal Monitoring DivisionBoulder, COLORADOGlobal, North American and Tropical Carbon Cycle; Atmospheric greenhouse gas data analysis and assimilation; Use of atmospheric isotopic tracers
viewGifford H. MillerUniversity of Colorado BoulderGeological Sciences and Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)Boulder, CO Paleoclimate, Quaternary Research, Arctic climate change, Australia climate-human interactions
viewDr. Frank J. MilleroRSMAS, University of MiamiMarine & Atmospheric ChemistryMiami, FLMarine Physical Chemistry; Carbonate Chemistry of the oceans and other natural waters; Ocean Acidification; Metal Speciation; Aerosols; Ionic Interactions; Modelling Solutions
viewYi MingGeophysical Fluid Dynamics LaboratoryPrinceton, NEW JERSEYClimate modeling, climate dynamics, general circulation, climate change, radiative forcing, atmospheric physics, aerosols, clouds and radiation.
viewJonathan MitchellUCLAAtmospheric & Oceanic SciencesLos Angeles, CALIFORNIAAtmospheric and climate dynamics Planetary atmospheres
viewDr Alan MixOregon State UniversityCollege of Oceanic & Atmos. ScienceCorvallis, ORPaleoceanography and paleoclimatology, based on marine sediment records of foraminifera, including tools of micropaleontology, sedimentology, isotope geochemistry, and other evolving geochemical proxies.
viewCary MockUniversity of South CarolinaGeographyColumbia, SCSynoptic and Historical Climatology, Late Quaternary Paleoclimatology
viewCarlos MoffatUniversity of California, Santa CruzInstitute of Marine SciencesSanta Cruz, CACoastal Physical Oceanography, Glacier-Ocean Interactions, Buoyancy-driven circulation
viewDr Mario J MolinaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridge, MAAtmospheric chemistry
viewDr Mitchell William MoncrieffNCAREarth System LaboratoryBoulder, COAtmospheric and fluid dynamics, convective parameterization, dynamical modeling,international science program development, e.g., WCRP, WWRP-THORPEX,
viewDr. James A. Morris, Jr.NOAA National Ocean ServiceNational Centers for Coastal Ocean ScienceBeaufort, NCMarine aquaculture, invasive species, coastal ecology
viewDr Frank Muller-KargerUniversity of South FloridaRemote Sensing/ Biological OceanographySt Petersburg, FLocean remote sensing (VIS/ IR), ocean biogeochemistry, biological oceanography, corals (remote sensing and impact of change)
viewDr Daniel MurphyNOAA Aeronomy LaboratoryBoulder, COAtmospheric chemistry
viewDr Ragu G MurtuguddeUniversity of MarylandESSICCollege Park, MDOcean's role in climate, air-sea interactions, physical-biological feedbacks, earth system interactions, climate and fisheries, global carbon cycle, tropical climate variability, ENSO/monsoon interactions, satellite data applications and assimilation
viewDr Carolyn Z MutterLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryInternational Research Institute for Climate PredictionPalisades, NYInformation dissemination and applications of predictable climate variation; improved predictability of seasonal- interannual climate variation
viewBalu NadigaLANLCOSIM (Climate, Ocean, and Sea Ice Modeling)Los Alamos, NM1) Fluid Dynamics of thermohaline and wind-driven ocean circulation
viewUdaysankar S NairUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleDepartment of Atmospheric ScienceHuntsville, ALLand atmosphere interactions, Atmospheric aerosol transport, mountain weather and climate
viewDr Raymond NajjarThe Pennsylvania State UniversityDept. of MeteorologyUniversity Park, PAI work on a few areas involving the interaction of the oceans with the climate system: (1) marine carbon, oxygen and nutrient cycling, (2) the impact of climate change on estuaries, (3) air-sea fluxes of radiatively important gases.
viewSusan NataliWoods Hole Research CenterFalmouth, MASSACHUSETTScarbon cycling, climate change, permafrost, arctic, plant-soil interactions
viewProf J David NeelinUCLADept. of Atmospheric SciencesLos Angeles, CAClimate modeling, El Nino, atmosphere-land interation, atmosphere-ocean interaction, tropical atmospheric modeling
viewJason NeffUniversity of Colorado at BoulderGeological SciencesBoulder, COterrestrial biogeochemistry
viewDr Sharon NicholsonFlorida State UniversityDepartment of Meteorology - 3034Tallahassee, FLClimate variability (especially semi-arid regions), paleoclimate, land- atmosphere interaction, remote sensing
viewDavid P NicholsonWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionMarine Chemistry and GeochemistryWoods Hole, MAMarine Biogeochemistry, Carbon Cycle, Air-Sea Fluxes
viewDr Sumant NigamUniversity of Maryland Department of MeteorologyCollege Park, MDClimate dynamics, ocean- atmosphere interaction
viewDev NiyogiPurdue UniversityDept. of Earth & Atmosphere Science and Dept of Agronomy-Crop, Soil, Environmental ScienceWest Lafayette, IN
viewSergey NizkorodovUniversity of California, IrvineDepartment of ChemistryIrvine, CAaerosol chemistry; cloud/fog chemistry; atmospheric photochemistry; high-resolution mass spectrometry
viewDavid NooneUniversity of ColoradoAtmospheric and Oceanic SciencesBoulder, CO
viewKlaus R Nusslein, Ph.D.University of Massachusetts Department of MicrobiologyAmherst, MAMicrobial Ecology and Environmental Microbiology. Microbes as drivers of biogeochemical C and N cycles.
viewDr James J O'BrienFlorida State UniversityCenter for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction StudiesTallahassee, FLOcean modeling, data assimilation, climate modeling, impacts
viewPaul O'GormanMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAatmospheric general circulation, hydrological cycle, precipitation, climate change
viewDelia OppoWoods Hole Oceanogaphic InstitutionGeology and GeophysicsWoods Hole, MAPast climate change, with an emphasis on the role of the oceans; centennial through orbital time scales.
viewDr John J OrlandoNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchAtmospheric Chemistry DivisionBoulder, COAtmospheric chemistry
viewDr. John Michael OSheaUniversity of MichiganMuseum of AnthropologyAnn Arbor, MIPrehistoric Ecology of the Great Lakes Region
viewDr Bette L Otto-BliesnerNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchClimate and Global DynamicsBoulder, COClimate dynamics and paleoclimate modeling; atmosphere-ocean-sea ice-biosphere interactions; abrupt climate change
viewDr Jonathan T OverpeckUniversity of ArizonaInstitute for the Study of Planet EarthTucson, AZ Interannual to century-scale climate variability, abrupt climate change, climate assessment, integrated environmental modeling and decision-support
viewDiane PatakiUniversity of California, IrvineDept. of Earth System ScienceIrvine, CAland use and land cover change
viewOlivier PauluisNew York UniversityCourant Institute for Mathematical SciencesNew York City, NYGeneral circulation of the atmosphere, Moist convection, Tropical meteorology
viewDr Adina PaytanUniversity of California, Santa CruzInstitute of Marine SciencesSanta Cruz, CAPaleoceanography and global marine biogeochemical cycles
viewAdina PaytanUniversity of California Santa CruzInstitute of Marine SciencesSanta Cruz, CALIFORNIABiogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography, and Paleoceanography
viewThomas PeacockMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical EngineeringCambridge, MAInternal Waves, Physical Oceanography, Stratified Flows
viewDr Kathy PegionUniversity of ColoradoCooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science & NOAA/ESRL/PSDBoulder, COClimate variability, predictability and prediction on intraseasonal to interannual timescales
viewProf. Stephen G. PennyUniversity of MarylandDepartment of Atmospheric and Oceanic ScienceCollege Park, MDData Assimilation (DA), Ocean DA, Coupled DA, DA Mathematical Theory
viewDr Thomas C PetersonNational Climatic Data CenterScientific Services DivisionAsheville, NCdata fidelity, long-term climate change
viewProf. Steven PetschUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstGeosciencesAmherst, MAPaleoclimatology; biomarkers and climate change; biogeochemistry; isotope biogeochemistry; biogeochemical carbon cycling
viewDr Bryan PijanowskiPurdue UniversityDept. of Forestry & Natural ResourcesWest Lafayette, INCoupling of land use land cover change with climate at regional and local scales; interests in social drivers of land use change and feedbacks between the land and atmosphere
viewRobert PincusUniversity of ColoradoBoulder, COLORADORadiation, remote sensing, climate modeling, climate change.
viewMalin PinskyRutgers UniversityInstitute of Marine and Coastal SciencesNew Brunswick, NJEcology, climate change, fisheries, population genomics
viewDr. Albert J PlueddemannWoods Hole Oceanographic InstPhysical OceanographyWoods Hole, MAAir-Sea Interaction; Marine Surface Layer Meteorology; Upper Ocean Forcing and Response, Surface Fluxes.
viewR Alan PlumbMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEarth, Atmospheric and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAatmospheric dynamics
viewDr. Jeffrey PolovinaNOAAPacific Islands Fisheries Science CenterHonolulu, HIMarine ecosystem responses to climate change
viewLorenzo M PolvaniColumbia UniversityApplied Physics and Applied MathematicsNew York, NYAtmosphere and climate dynamics
viewLeonid PolyakOhio State UniversityByrd Polar Research CenterColumbus, OHPaleoceanography of the Arctic Ocean
viewDr Igor V PolyakovUniversity of Alaska FairbanksInternational Arctic Research CenterFairbanks, AKLow-frequency variability in the polar and sub-polar regions
viewDr Christopher S PotterNASA/Ames Research CenterEcosystem Science & Technology BranchMoffett Field, CAecosystem modeling, carbon cycle, biogeochemistry
viewChris PoulsenUniversity of MichiganGeological SciencesAnn Arbor, MIPaleoclimate modeling, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology.
viewRoss PowellNorthern Illinois UniversityGeology & Environmental GeosciencesDeKalb, ILInfluence of subglacial processes on ice dynamics and future sea-level changes. Biogeochemical processes in subglacial environments and their contribution to global nutrient cycle. Subglacial hydrological processes and their impact on Antarctic bottom water production and global ocean circulation. Records of ice sheet variability.
viewKimberly PratherUniversity of CaliforniaScripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CAAerosols, atmospheric chemistry, clouds, air-sea exchange, marine biology, instrumentation development, aircraft measurements
viewDr. Stephen F. PriceLos Alamos National LaboratoryFluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics GroupLos Alamos, NMglaciology; glacier dynamics; glacier and ice sheet modeling; coupled evolution of land ice and climate
viewSally PusedeUniversity of VirginiaEnvironmental SciencesCharlottesville, VAAtmospheric Chemistry
viewDr Patricia K QuinnNOAAPacific Marine Environment LaboratoriesSeattle, WAradiative effects of aerosols, effects of aerosol on air quality
viewDr. Balaji RajagopalanUniversity of Colorado, BoulderCivil, Environmental and Architectural EngineeringBoulder, COHydroclimatology, Hydrology, Water Resources Management, Indian Monsoon variability and predictability, paleomonsoon, climate extremes, stochastic time modeling, Bayesian methods, water quality and climate connection
viewDr V RamanathanUniversity of California, San DiegoScripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CAClimate and atmospheric sciences: Role of clouds, water vapor and aerosols in climate and climate change
viewDavid RandallColorado State UniversityAtmospheric ScienceFort Collins, COUse of cloud-resolving models in climate simulation.
viewDr William RandelNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchAtmospheric Chemistry DivisionBoulder, COStratospheric dynamics, stratosphere-troposphere coupling, atmospheric chemistry, constituent variability and trends, ozone
viewJames RandersonUniversity of California, IrvineEarth System ScienceIrvine, CAFires and their effect on atmospheric chemistry and aerosols Global biogeochemical cycles Arctic and boreal ecosystem responses to climate change Carbon - climate interactions
viewPhilip RaschPacific Northwest National LaboratoryAtmospheric Science and Global Change DivisionRichland, WAClouds, Aerosol, Climate Change, computational mathematics
viewChristina RaveloUniversity of California, Santa CruzOcean SciencesSanta Cruz, CApaleoclimatology and paleoceanography
viewDr. Pallav RayFlorida Institute of Technology (FIT)Department of Marine and Environmental SystemsMelbourne, FLTropical climate variability and modeling including the Madden-Julian Oscillation, Weather-climate interactions, High-resolution regional climate models (MM5 and WRF) and GCMs, Tropical mean state, Tropics-extratropics interactions and predictability
viewMaureen RaymoLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia UniversityPalisades, NYPaleoclimatology
viewPeter Raymond Peter Raymond, PeterYale FESBRANFORD, CTBiogeochemistry, Ecology, Oceanography, Ecosystem Science
viewDavid James RaymondNew Mexico TechPhysicsSocorro, NEW MEXICOatmospheric dynamics tropical meteorology atmospheric convection
viewThomas ReichlerUniversity of UtahAtmospheric SciencesSalt Lake City, UTAHStratospheric impacts on climate; climate change related shifts in the general circulation of the atmosphere; performance testing of climate models
viewProf. Ying Fan ReinfelderRutgers UniversityEarth and Planetary SciencesPiscataway, NJGlobal water cycle Ecosystem dynamics Earth System modeling
viewPeter RhinesUniversity of WashingtonOceanography & Atmospheric SciencesSeattle, WAGeophysical fluid dynamics (including a large GFD lab effort); climate of the high latitudes, circulation and fresh-water dynamics; deep-sea observations; storm tracks in the atmosphere
viewAndrew RichardsonNorthern Arizona UniversitySICCS and EcossFlagstaff, AZTerrestrial ecosystems, forest ecology and the carbon cycle; biosphere-atmosphere interactions; biological impacts of climate change; feedbacks between vegetation and the climate system; plant phenology; data-model fusion and inverse modeling
viewTodd RinglerLos Alamos National LaboratoryTheoretical DivisionLos Alamos, NMRegional Climate Modeling
viewDr Paola Malanotte RizzoliMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDept. of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAocean modeling, data assimilation
viewAlex RobelGeorgia Institute of TechnologyEarth and Atmospheric SciencesAtlanta, GAIce sheets, cryosphere, climate dynamics, ice-ocean interactions, sea level, mathematical modeling, dynamical systems
viewFranklin R RobertsonNASA Marshall Space Flight CenterEarth Science OfficeHuntsville, ALTropical Climate Variability Climate Sensitivity Satellite Remote Sensing Climate Modeling / Data Assimilation
viewDr Scott M RobesonIndiana UniversityDept of GeographyBloomington, INrecent climatic change, spatial statistics, time-series analysis
viewScott RobesonIndiana UniversityDepartment of GeographyBloomington, INStatistical climatology Detection of climatic change Impacts of climatic change
viewDr Walter RobinsonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignDept. of Atmospheric ScienceUrbana, ILClimate Dynamics
viewBruce H. RobisonMonterey Bay Aquarium Research InstituteResearch DepartmentMoss Landing, CADeep-sea ecology and physiology of mesopelagic and bathypelagic animals. Impacts of natural and anthropogenic changes on the composition and structure of deep pelagic ecosystems.
viewDr Alan RobockRutgers UniversityDepartment of Environmental SciencesNew Brunswick, NJClimate change- regional impacts, soil mositure, volcanic eruptions
viewProf George Roderick, PhDUniversity of California, BerkeleyEnvironmental Science, Policy and ManagementBerkeley, CAEcology, global change, sustainability, invasive species, environmental science, island ecosystems
viewDr. Karen Hepler RosenlofNOAA Earth System Research LaboratoryChemical Sciences DivisionBoulder, COStratospheric dynamics; stratosphere-troposphere exchange; stratospheric composition; UTLS water vapor; stratospheric ozone; stratosphere-troposphere interactions, stratospheric aerosols.
viewYair RosenthalRutgers UniversityIMCSNew Brunswick , NJPleoceanography and paleoclimatology
viewCynthia RosenzweigNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterGoddard Institute for Space StudiesNew York, NYclimate change, climate and human interactions, climate change impacts, land-atmosphere interactions, soil physics, agriculture and climate change, global and regional climate models, earth surface modeling
viewDr Lewis M RothsteinUniversity of Rhode IslandGraduate School of OceanographyNarragansett, RIocean circulation modeling and theory, meso- to global scale air-sea interactions, mesoscale data asssimilation, coupled physical- biogeochemical ecosystem modeling
viewDr James M RussellBrown UniversityGeological SciencesProvidence, RITerrestrial paleoclimate, paleolimnology, tropics, testing climate models, ENSO, abrupt climate change, stable isotope geochemistry
viewDr Julian P SachsMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAPaleoclimatology, paleooceanography, organic chemistry, marine nitrogen cycle, stable isotope geochemistry
viewDr. James E SaiersYale UniversitySchool of Environmental StudiesNew Haven, CTHydrology, Watershed Science, Hydroclimatology
viewEri SaikawaEmory UniversityEnvironmental SciencesAtlanta, GEORGIA1) atmospheric chemistry (modeling aerosols and tropospheric ozone); 2) environmental health (assessing the adverse health impacts of air pollution); 3) biogeochemistry (modeling global soil nitrous oxide emissions); 4) climate science (estimating emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases), and 5) environmental policy/politics (analyzing the impacts of environmental standards and trade as well as analyzing policymaking processes).
viewScott SaleskaUniversity of ArizonaEcology and Evolutionary BiologyTucson, AZMy research interests focus on ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, particularly carbon and water cycling within terrestrial ecosystems. Work in my group focuses on examining carbon, water, and trace gas cycling through plants and soils at the ecosystem scale, with the principal goals of understanding how large scale biogeochemical processes can be importantly influenced by physiological, demographic, and ecological interactions within and among species. A principle research tool is the measurement of biosphere-atmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, water vapor, trace gases, and their isotopes. This work is highly interdisciplinary, requiring scientific bacground from a variety of scientific disciplines, including ecology, plant physiology, soil science, hydrology, micrometeorology, and geochemistry.
viewEric SaltzmanUniversity of California, IrvineEarth System ScienceIrvine, CAAtmospheric chemistry, air/sea gas exchange, polar ice cores
viewDr Stanley P SanderCalifornia Institute of TechnoloyJet Propulsion LaboratoryPasadena, CAAtmospheric chemistry (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere); Laboratory chemical kinetics and photochemistry; Atmospheric spectroscopy using high resolution techniques; Satellite measurements of atmospheric chemical processes; Evaluation of laboratory data for use in atmospheric modeling
viewDr Jorge L SarmientoPrinceton UniversityAtmospheric and Oceanic Sciences ProgramPrinceton, NJGlobal carbon cycle and ocean biogeochemistry
viewProf Michael E SchlesingerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDepartment of Atmospheric ScienceUrbana, ILClimate Research
viewProf William H SchlesingerDuke UniversityDepartment of BotanyDurham, NCForest response to rising CO2
viewDr Raymond W SchmittWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionDepartment of Physical OceanographyWoods Hole, MAglobal water cycle, thermohaline circulation, ocean observations
viewAndreas SchmittnerOregon State UniversityCollege of Oceanic and Atmospheric SciencesCorvalli, ORClimate Modeling, Ocean circulation, Marine ecosystems and Biogeochemical Cycles
viewDr David SchoellhamerU.S. Geological SurveySacramento, CAestuarine geomorphology, estuarine sediment transport, wind-wave sediment resuspension and erosion, watershed sediment supply, tidal wetland restoration
viewDr Stephen E SchwartzBrookhaven National LaboratoryEnvironmental Chemistry DivisionUpton, NYAtmospheric chemistry
viewRichard SeagerLamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia UniversityPalisades, NEW YORKclimate variability and change, hydroclimate, drought, atmospheric dynamics, climate dynamics
viewDr Arthur J SedlacekBrookhaven National LaboratoryEnvironmental SciencesUpton, NEW YORKUnderstanding the microphysical effects of atmospheric aging on the optical properties of soot and related aerosols; development of model aerosol systems to elucidate the effects of encapsulation on aerosol optical properties; contribution of aerosol radiative forcing to global climate change; the development of novel optical-based instrumentation for aerosol and chemical detection.
viewDr Dian J SeidelNOAA Air Resources LaboratorySilver Spring, MDObserved climate variability and trends
viewRaymond ShawMichigan Technological UniversityPhysics & Atmospheric SciencesHoughton, MIAtmospheric physics: cloud microphysics, atmospheric turbulence, nucleation, and radiative transfer. Instrumentation science: laboratory and field cloud/turbulence measurements, digital holography, phase-Doppler interferometry.
viewTiffany ShawThe University of ChicagoDepartment of the Geophysical SciencesChicago , ILAtmospheric and Climate Dynamics
viewDr Kusiel ShifrinOregon State UniversityCollege of Ocean and Atmospheric ScienceCorvallis, OROptics and radiation property of ocean and atmosphere, theory of aerosols, fog, cloud formation
viewDrew ShindellDuke UniversityEarth and Ocean SciencesDurham, NCnatural and human drivers of climate change, linkages between air quality and climate change, the interface between climate change science and policy
viewToshiaki ShinodaNaval Research LaboratoryOceanography DivisionStennis Space Center, MSPhysical Oceanography, Air-sea interaction, Climate variability,
viewManabu Shiraiwa, 8247249University of California IrvineChemistryIrvine, CALIFORNIAAtmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol Chemistry, Organic Aerosols, Reactive Oxygen Species
viewProf C K ShumOhio State UniversityDept. of Civil and Environment Engineering and Geodetic Science Laboratory for Space Geodesy and Remote Sensing Research and Byrd Polar Research CenterColumbus, OHSpace geodesy, sea level change, remote-sensing, GPS occultation, temporal gravity field, ice sheet mass balance
viewBryan ShumanUniversity of WyomingGeology & GeophysicsLaramie, WYPaleoclimatology; paleohydrology; paleoecology
viewDr. Elisabeth L. Sikes Rutgers UniversityMarine and Coastal SciencesNew Brunswick, NJPaleoceanography, paleoclimate, carbon cycling, Sea Surface Temperature, Southern Ocean processes
viewHaper SimmonsUniversity of Alaska FairbanksSchool of Fisheries and Ocean ScienceFairbanks, AK
viewHarper SimmonsUniversity of Alaska FairbanksSchool of Fisheries and Ocean SciencesFairbanks, ALASKAPhysical Oceanography, ocean modeling, geophysical fluid dynamics.
viewFrederik J SimonsPrinceton UniversityGeosciences and Program in Applied & Computational MathematicsPrinceton, NJGeodesy, Cryosphere, Sea-level change, Mass balance, Oceanographic instrumentation
viewDr James J SimpsonUniversity of California, San DiegoScripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CASnow hydrology; air-sea interaction; remote sensing of the ocean, atmosphere, and land surface
viewDavid K SkellyYale UniversitySchool of Forestry & Environmental StudiesNew Haven, CTecology of landscapes, amphibian metacommunities, evolutionary ecology
viewLaurence C. SmithUniversity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)Department of Geography and Department of Earth & Space SciencesLos Angeles, CA, CAArctic climate change, Remote sensing hydrology, Arctic hydrology, Cryosphere, Greenland Ice Sheet mass balance and hydrology, SWOT (Surface Water and Topography satellite mission, for more see http://swot.jpl.nasa.gov)
viewAdam SobelColumbia UniversityEarth and Environmental Sciences/Applied MathNew York, NYTropical Meteorology, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, General Circulation, Atmospheric Water Vapor, Intraseasonal Variability, Tropical Cyclones
viewDr Susan SolomonNOAA OAR EXEXBoulder, COAtmopsheric Chemistry including radiative transfer and ozone depletion
viewProfessor Susan SolomonMITDepartment of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAAtmospheric chemistry, radiative transfer, and climate change
viewDr Kevin SpeerFlorida State UniversityOceanography DepartmentTallahassee, FLAnalyses of ocean circulation from observations, Polar oceanography, controls on sea-ice, air-sea interaction. Location of Polar Front during LGM
viewProf Roger A SrColorado State UniversityDepartment of Atmospheric SciencesFort Collins, CORegional and global climate modeling, vegetation- soil- snow- atmosphere interactions, ocean-atmosphere interactions
viewCarla StaverYale UniversityEcology and Evolutionary BiologyNew Haven, CTEcology, biome distributions, savanna, fire, water and nutrient limitation
viewDr. Michael SteeleUniversity of WashingtonPolar Science Center, Applied Physics LaboratorySeattle, WAphysical oceanography of the polar oceans: circulation, water masses, freshwater, ocean warming, sea level change, physical controls on biological productivity (primary, secondary, top predators)
viewDr. John C. StellaSUNY Syracuse, Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF)Forest and Natural Resources ManagementSyracuse, NYphysical-biological linkages in riverine/riparian ecosystems; climate change impacts on streamflow regimes; semi-arid ecosystems; phenology; riparian forest dynamics
viewDr. Britton StephensNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchEarth Observing LaboratoryBoulder, COTerrestrial ecology, oceanography, atmospheric dynamics, and climate change mitigation. Atmospheric O2 and CO2 measurements from towers, ship, and aircraft. Global carbon cycle model-data synthesis.
viewFrank StewartGeorgia Institute of TechnologyBiologyAtlanta, GEORGIA
viewScott StGeorgeUniversity of MinnesotaDepartment of GeographyMinneapolis, MNPaleoclimatology, dendrochronology, low-frequency variability in the climate system, paleoflood hydrology, northern Great Plains
viewChristopher StillUC Santa BarbaraGeographySanta Barbara, CAC4 vegetation and physiology; fog; isotope biogeochemistry; carbon cycle science; isotope hydrology; ecosystem ecology
viewCharles StockNOAAGeophysical Fluid Dynamics LaboratoryPrinceton, NJEarth system modeling and prediction, climate and marine resources
viewTrude StorelvmoYale UniversityDepartment of Geology and GeophysicsNew Haven, CTaerosol-cloud-climate interactions, cloud feedbacks, climate sensitivity.
viewDr David M StrausGeorge Mason UniversityCenter for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere StudiesCalverton, MDclimate modeling
viewKatharine SudingUniversity of ColoradoINSTAAR, Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyBoulder, COFeedbacks, vegetation phenology and diversity, functional traits, ecosystem dynamics.
viewProfessor Wen-Yih SunPurdue UniversityDept. of Earth & Atmospheric SciencesWest Lafayette, INregional climate/mesoscale modeling; atmosphere-vegetation-land-snow interactions; computational geofluid dynamics; dryline and severe storm; Asian mosnoon; aerosol/dust in East Asia
viewJielun SunNCARMeosocale and Microscale MeteorologyBoulder, COInteractions between land/sea surfaces and the atmosphere, stable boundary layer, trace gas transport within the planetary boundary layer.
viewDavid SutherlandUniversity of OregonDepartment of Earth SciencesEugene, OREGONIce-ocean interactions; Icebergs; Glacial fjord circulation; coastal and estuarine circulation;
viewDr Amit TandonUniversity of Massachusetts - DartmouthPhysics Department and SMASTDartmouth, MASub-grid scale processes in climate models, their representation and impact on climate and its variability.
viewPieter TansNOAA Earth System Research LaboratoryGlobal Monitoring DivisionBoulder, COLORADOGlobal carbon cycle, climate change, the Anthropocene, atmospheric gas measurements, gas metrology, new sampling systems, isotopic ratios, air-sea exchange, atmospheric transport and inverse modeling.
viewGordon T TaylorStony Brook UniversitySchool of Marine & Atmospheric SciencesStony Brook, NYMicrobiological mediation of carbon and nitrogen cycling in marine systems
viewDr W Carlisle ThackerAtlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Lab.Division of Physical OceanographyMiami, FLassimilation of in situ and remotely sensed oceanic observations into numerical models to improve simulation and prediction of climate
viewDavid W J ThompsonColorado State UniversityDepartment of Atmospheric ScienceFort Collins, COMy research and that of my students is focused on improving our understanding of global climate variability through analyses of observations and experiments with numerical models. My interests include large-scale atmospheric dynamics, the interpretation of observed climate change, stratosphere/troposphere coupling, ocean/atmosphere interaction, decadal climate variability, and the climate impacts of large-scale atmospheric phenomena.
viewLuAnne Thompson, 6762685University of WashingtonSchool of OceanographySeattle, WAPhysical Oceanography Climate
viewDr Joel ThorntonUniversity of WashingtonDept. of Atmospheric SciencesSeattle, WAatmospheric heterogeneous and multiphase chemistry; tropospheric photochemistry; aerosol-cloud interactions
viewDr. Robert ThunellUniversity of South CarolinaDepartment of Earth and Ocean SciencesColumbia, SCPaleoclimatology/paleoceanography; stable isotope geochemistry; production and flux of sediments in the modern ocean; biogeochemistry
viewDr. Jessica TierneyWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionGeology and GeophysicsWoods Hole, MAPaleoclimatology, paleoceanography, organic geochemistry, biomarkers, water isotopes
viewProf Ming Fang TingLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisades, NYClimate dynamics and modeling
viewProf Margaret A TolbertUniversity of ColoradoCIRESBoulder, COAtmospheric Chemistry
viewJohn M. TooleWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPhysical OceanographyWoods Hole, MAThe physics of ocean mixing including the nature of finescale and microscale velocity, temperature and salinity fluctuations and the relationships between them. Polar oceanography and upper-ocean/sea ice interactions, Seasonal to multi-decadal variability of ocean water properties, stratification and circulation, ocean time-series stations. Global oceanic heat and fresh water budgets, water mass formation and circulation. Low-latitude ocean circulation, El Niňo. Oceanographic instrument development.
viewDr Kevin E TrenberthNCARClimate Analysis SectionBoulder, COEl Nino, climate variability, climate change, water cycle, hurricanes
viewKathleen TresederUniversity of California IrvineEcology and Evolutionary BiologyIrvine, CAMicrobial biogeochemistry
viewDr Joseph TribbiaNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchClimate and Global Dynamics DivisionBoulder, COClimate modeling, data assimilation, prediction and predictability
viewJoe TribbiaNCARClimate and Global Dynamics DivisionBoulder, COLORADOWeather and Climate prediction and predictability Ensemble Data Assimilation for climate applications
viewProf. Aradhna TripatiUniversity of California, Los AngelesAtmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Earth and Space SciencesLos Angeles, CApaleoclimate, paleoceanography, climate variability, testing models, biogeochemistry, carbon cycle
viewValerie TrouetUniversity of ArizonaLaboratory of Tree-Ring ResearchTucson, AZdendrochronology, paleoclimatology, climate of the common era, terrestrial carbon cycle, climate ecosystem interactions
viewGreg TuckerCIRES / University of ColoradoBoulder, COOther: interaction between climate and erosion/sedimentation systems. climatic geomorphology, Quaternary environments, coupling of climate, hydrology, and geomorphology, numerical modeling of climate change impacts on earth surface processes
viewB L Turner, IIClark UniversityGeographyWorcester, MALand change science, sustainability, vulnerability
viewEli TzipermanHarvard UniversityEarth and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MAClimate dynamics, including present-day climate variability, ENSO, thermohaline circulation and paleoclimate, from rapid climate change, glacial cycles to equable climate.
viewCaroline UmmenhoferWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPhysical OceanographyWoods Hole, MAclimate modeling, climate variability and change, Indo-Pacific climate variability, monsoons, Indian Ocean dynamics, extreme events, decadal variability, Southern Hemisphere extratropics, paleo climate, droughts, effect of climate variability and change on agriculture
viewProfessor Nadine UngerYale UniversityForestry and Environmental StudiesNew Haven, CTAtmospheric chemistry, air pollution, radiative forcing, climate change, global climate modeling, chemistry-climate interactions, aerosols, ozone, methane, reactive trace gas emissions from land ecosystems, geo-engineering
viewDr. Mark C. UrbanUniversity of ConnecticutEcology and Evolutionary BiologyStorrs, CTCommunity ecology, evolutionary ecology, landscape ecology, landscape genetics
viewMaria UriarteColumbia UniversityEcology, Evolution & Environmental BiologyNew York, NYForest dynamics, forest simulation modeling, drivers of land use change in the tropics.
viewTaneil UttalNOAAESRL/PSDBoulder, COCloud-Aerosol interactions in the Arctic. Surface Radiation balances in the Arctic
viewDr Geoffrey K VallisPrinceton UniversityAtmosphere and Ocean Sciences ProgramPrinceton, NJOcean modeling, coupled ocean-atmosphere fluid dynamics, geostrophic turbulence, general circulation
viewGabriel Andrés VecchiNOAA/GFDLPrinceton, NJTropical climate dynamics. Ocean/atmosphere dynamics and coupling. Impact of climate change and variability on extreme events. Predictability and prediction of climate and its impacts.
viewDr Arnold VedlitzTexas A&M UniversityInstitute for Science, Technology & Public PolicyCollege Station, TXHuman dimensions research: hazard and risk assessment by decision makers and the public; climate change impact on infrastructure, human health, economic development; environmental policy and decision-making; quantitative analysis of social science data and database management.
viewJames VerdinU.S. Geological SurveyNIDIS Program Office, NOAA/ESRLBoulder, COClimate services and early warning systems
viewProf Martin VisbeckColumbia UniversityLamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisades, NYOcean's role in climate, North Atlantic Oscillation, Atlantic climate variability, Antarctic bottom water formation, climate variability and its impact on ecosystems, climate variability and its impact on oceanic CO2 uptake
viewDr. Rainer VolkamerUniversity of ColoradoCIRES & Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryBoulder, COLORADOAtmospheric chemistry and physics; reactive trace gases; halogens; oxygenated hydrocarbons; aerosol physics and chemistry; heterogeneous chemistry; multiphase chemistry; organic aerosols; marine aerosols; aircraft and ground-based field measurements; simultaneous measurement of aerosols and trace gases; development in-situ and remote sensing instrumentation; column observations of trace gases from ground, ships, and research aircraft; satellite; radiative transfer
viewMathias VuilleUniversity at Albany, State University of New YorkDepartment of Atmospheric and Environmental SciencesAlbany, NYtropical climate variability and change tropical glaciers stable isotope modeling and model-data (proxy) comparison monsoon reconstruction from proxies (speleothems, tree rings, lake sediments and ice cores)
viewProf Martin WahlenUniversity of California, San DiegoScripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CA
viewDr Stuart G WakehamSkidaway Institute of OceanographySavannah, GAocean carbon cycling, carbon burial and preservation
viewDr Duane WaliserCalifornia Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 183-505 Pasaden, CAclimate modeling and analysis
viewDr John M WallaceUniversity of WashingtonJISAOSeattle, WAClimate dynamics
viewMatthew WallensteinColorado State UniversityNatural Resource Ecology LaboratoryFort Collins, COmicrobial physiology, proteomics, metabolomics, global change
viewMegan WalshUniversity of OregonGeographyEugene, ORFire history Charcoal analysis Vegetation dynamics Human alteration of ecosystems
viewProf Bin WangUniversity of HawaiiDept. of Meteorology/ International Pacific Research CenterHonolulu, HIClimate Dynamics , Tropical Meteorology, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Ocean-Atmosphere- Land Interaction
viewDr Chunzai WangNOAAAtlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory Miami, FLEl Nino-Southern Oscillation, Ocean-atmosphere interactions, Altantic climate variability, tropical ocean dynamics
viewJia WangNOAAGreat Lakes Environmental Research LabAnn Arbor, MIPolar and subpolar (including the Great Lakes) climate change (atmosphere, sea ice oceanography, and ecosystem) and interactions. Global coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean modeling and basin-scale ocean-ice-ecosystem modeling. Regional/coastal ocean and sea ice dynamics and modeling.
viewZhengrong WangYale UniversityDepartment of Geology and GeophysicsNew Haven, CTMantle geochemistry, theoretical study of isotope fractionation theory and its application to geological problems, developing paleoproxies to study paleoclimate, trace element geochemistry
viewSimon S.-Y. WangUtah State UniversityUtah Climate CenterLogan, UTClimate diagnostics and prediction, with emphasis in extreme event attribution and forecasting
viewDr. Dingbao WangUniversity of Central FloridaCivil, Environmental, and Construction EngineeringOrlando, FLORIDAClimate change, hydroclimatological extremes in Florida, hydrology, sea level rise impacts, water resources, drought and floods
viewZhaohui Aleck WangWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionMarine Chemistry and GeochemistryWoods Hole, MACO2 systems in coastal and riverine environments, carbon cycling, ocean acidification Sensing technologies and in-situ sensors for measurements of the CO2 system (pH, pCO2/fCO2, total dissolved inorganic carbon, and total alkalinity)
viewDr Rik WanninkhofAtlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological LaboratoryNOAAMiami, FLOceanic carbon cycle
viewLibe WashburnUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraMarine Science InstituteSanta Barbara, CA
viewDr Warren M WashingtonNCAR/CGDBoulder, COclimate modeling and climate change
viewDarryn WaughJohns Hopkins UniversityEarth and Planetary SciencesBaltimore, MDAtmospheric dynamics and transport, Climate Modeling, Stratospheric Ozone, Ocean Carbon.
viewDr James A WeinmanSeattle, WAGlobal precipitation, lightning and soil moisture monitoring by electromagnetic techniques
viewPaul WennbergCalifornia Institute of TechnologyESEPasadena, CAAtmospheric Composition; Greenhouse gas dynamics; Atmospheric Chemistry; Pollution; Aerosol
viewDr. Josef P. WerneUniversity of PittsburghGeology & Planetary SciencePittsburgh, PAOrganic and Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry in Modern and Ancient Earth Systems: (Paleo)climate and environmental change using biogeochemical proxies and proxy development; impacts of climate change on ecosystems; microbial biogeochemistry; sulfur isotope biogeochemistry, sedimentary sulfur cycling and organic sulfur formation; carbon cycling and carbon isotope fractionation; stable isotope systematics of C, H, O, N, S in natural systems; early diagenesis, especially related to organic matter remineralization; chemical limnology/oceanography; global biogeochemical cycles; black shales; redox geochemistry.
viewJustin J. WettsteinOregon State UniversityCollege of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric SciencesCorvallis, ORLarge-scale atmospheric dynamics and variability; radiative and dynamic adjustments to greenhouse gas concentrations; climate forcings and feedbacks; atmospheric wave-mean flow interaction
viewDr Warren B WhiteUniversity of California, San DiegoScripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CAocean circulation, climate change, and ocean-atmosphere interaction
viewDr Thomas G WhithamNorthern Arizona UniversityDepartment of Biological SciencesFlagstaff, AZClimate change and rapid ecotonal shifts, community and ecosystem impacts
viewDr Thomas G WhithamNorthern Arizona UniversityDepartment of Biological SciencesFlagstaff, AZclimate change and rapid ecotonal shifts, community and ecosystem impacts
viewGreg WilesThe College of WoosterGeologyWooster, OHNorth Pacific climate, Modeling climate variability using tree-rings, Reconstructing past changes in Alaskan Glaciers
viewDavid WilliamsUniversity of WyomingRenewable ResourcesLaramie, WYVegetation controls on water and carbon cycles, stable isotope tracers
viewDr Kevin Roger WilsonLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryChemistryBerkeley, CAOxidative Transformations of Organic Aerosols. Linking chemical composition of organic aerosol with cloud condensation nuclei activity (CCN). Soft ionization aerosol mass spectrometry.
viewDr. Michael WintonNOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics LaboratoryClimate Change, Variability and PredictionPrinceton, NJ * Sea ice modeling * Air-sea fluxes and their climatic effects * Polar climate and climate change
viewSteven WofsyHarvard UniversitySEASCambridge, MASSACHUSETTSatmospheric chemistry, atmosphere-biosphere exchange, aircraft measurements of atmospheric gases
viewRobert WoodUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric SciencesSeattle, WACloud-aerosol interactions, Boundary layer, Cloud physics
viewTana E WoodUSDA Forest ServiceInternational Institute of Tropical ForestryLuquillo, PRClimate Change, Tropical Forests, Carbon Cycling, Greenhouse Gas Fluxes, Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Ecology
viewRebecca WoodgateUniversity of WashingtonApplied Physics Laboratory/OceanographySeattle, WAObservational Arctic Physical Oceanography, especially from moored sensors.
viewConnie WoodhouseUniversity of ArizonaSchool of Geography and DevelopmentTucson, ARIZONAclimatology, paleoclimatology, dendrochronology, water resources, science translation
viewDong L WuNASAGSFCGreenbelt, MDImpacts of solar forcing and variability on Earth's atmosphere and climate. Uses of satellite data (MLS, SORCE, AIRS, GPS, AMSU/SSU) and model simulations (WACCM, GISS) to identify, characterize and understand Sun-Earth connection processes.
viewDong L WuNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterClimate and RadiationGreenbelt, MARYLANDDr. Dong L. Wu is a research scientist at NASA�s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). His research interests include remote sensing of atmospheric dynamics and clouds, and sun-climate connection. For the sun-climate connection studies, his research has been focusing on impacts of the 11-year and 27-day variations in solar forcing on the upper and middle atmospheric dynamics and chemistry. The data analyses include uses of satellite measurements from Aura/MLS, Odin/SMR, TIMED/SABER, and GPS radio occultation, MERRA reanalysis, and simulations from WACCM.
viewProf Donald J WuebblesUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDept. of Atmospheric SciencesUrbana, ILModeling of atmospheric chemistry and physics
viewDr Carl WunschMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary SciencesCambridge, MA
viewDr Shang-Ping XieUniversity of HawaiiInternational Pacific Research CenterHonolulu, HIclimate modeling, ocean- atmosphere- land interaction
viewDr Song YangNOAA/ NCEP Climate Prediction CenterCamp Springs, MDClimate diagnostics and prediction; Coupled ocean-atmosphere-land system; Planetary monsoons
viewDr Zong-Liang YangUniversity of Texas at AustinGeological SciencesAustin, TXland-surface processes, land-atmosphere interaction, snow energy and water balances, flood modeling, regional climate modeling, global climate modeling, North American monsoon, biogenic emissions, global energy and water cycles
viewJiayan Yang Jiayan Yang, Jiayan YangWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPhysical Oceanography, Mail Stop 21Woods Hole, MAOcean and its role in climate changes; theoretical and numerical modeling of ocean circulation; Arctic climate changes
viewChuixiang YiQueens College, City University of New YorkSchool of Earth and Environmental SciencesFlushing, NYGreenhouse gas exchanges between vegetation and atmosphere.
viewChuixiang YiQueens College, City University of New YorkSchool of Earth and Environmental SciencesFlushing, NYatmosphere-biosphere interaction, dendroclimatic reconstruction, paleoclimate modeling,extreme climate and carbon cycling, boundary-layer meteorology
viewWilliam Roy YoungUniversity of California, San DiegoScripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CAOcean circulation and mixing.
viewJin-Yi YuUniversity of California, IrvineDepartment of Earth System ScienceIrvine, CAcoupled atmosphere-ocean interactions and climate system modeling
viewDr Yuk L YungCalifornia Institute of TechnologyDivision of Geological and Planetary SciencesPasadena, CA
viewDr. Ben ZaitchikJohns Hopkins UniversityEarth and Planetary SciencesBaltimore, MDRegional Climate Dynamics, Surface Hydrology, Drought Monitoring and Prediction, Remote Sensing, Data Assimilation
viewChristopher ZappaLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia UniversityOcean and Climate PhysicsPalisades, NEW YORKAir-sea interaction in a changing climate. Wave dynamics and wave breaking, sea spray, effect of near-surface turbulence on heat, gas, and momentum transport, infrared, multispectral, and polarimetric remote sensing, upper-ocean processes, polar ocean processes, coastal and estuarine processes.
viewCarlos A ZarikianTexas A&M UniversityIntegrated Ocean Drilling ProgramCollege Station, TXMicropaleontology (ostracods and foraminifers) stable isotope geochemical paleoecology and paleoclimatology, and geoarchaeology
viewDr Ning ZengUniversity of MarylandDept. of Meteorology and Earth System Science Interdisciplinary CenterCollege Park, MDClimate and Hydrological Variability
viewDr Xubin ZengUniversity of ArizonaDept. of Atmospheric SciencesTucson, AZclimate modeling, remote sensing applications, land/atmosphere/ocean/sea-ice interactions, nonlinear dynamics
viewXiwu Jerry ZhanNOAA NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and ResearchSatellite Meteorology and Climatology DivisionCamp Springs, MDLand surface soil moisture and vegetation dynamics remote sensing, hydrological modeling and data assimilation
viewDr Chidong ZhangNOAA Pacific Marine Environmental LaboratoryOcean ClimateSeattle, WATropical weather-climate interface
viewMinghua ZhangStony Brook University / SUNYSchool of Marine and Atmospheric SciencesStony Brook, NYDiagnosis and understanding of climate change signals in monsoons, ENSO, storms, Hadley and Walker circulations in observations and in numerical models. Development of physical parameterizations and improvement of climate models
viewShunrong ZhangMITHaystack ObservatoryWestford, MAUpper atmosphere science, in particular, ionosphere and thermosphere coupling and geospace disturbances, upper atmospheric climatology, variability and long-term trends. Incoherent scatter radar, FPI, GNSS and other ground-based and satellite in situ observational study
viewDr. Paquita ZuidemaUniversity of Miami/Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric ScienceAtmospheric SciencesMiami, FLcloud processes; aerosol-cloud-radiation-precipitation-dynamic interactions; radiative transfer and remote sensing of clouds;


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