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Project Description


Contact Info

Physical Sciences Division
325 Broadway
Boulder, COLORADO 80305

George Kiladis

Phone: (303) 497-3892
Email: george.kiladis@noaa.gov

Fields of Interest

Tropical Meteorology, Equatorial waves, tropical convection, tropical-extratropical interaction

Description of Scientific Projects

George Kiladis is a research meteorologist at the Physical Sciences Division of the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder Colorado. His work is focused on observational aspects of the tropical atmosphere and ocean, including comparisons of observations with theory and models. His main interests include equatorial waves, tropical-extratropical interaction, air-sea interaction, and the coupling between tropical convection and the large scale atmospheric circulation. This work is geared toward better understanding of the dynamics of the tropical portion of the atmosphere-ocean system, with the ultimate goal of providing statistical data that can be used to improve the full range of models used for forecasting the weather from daily on up to climate change time scales.

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