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Project Description

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Contact Info

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Environmental Sciences
bldg. 815E
Upton, NEW YORK 11973-5000

Dr Arthur J Sedlacek
Atmospheric scientiist

Phone: (631) 344-2404
Email: sedlacek@bnl.gov
Website: http://www.ecd.bnl.gov/

Fields of Interest

Understanding the microphysical effects of atmospheric aging on the optical properties of soot and related aerosols; development of model aerosol systems to elucidate the effects of encapsulation on aerosol optical properties; contribution of aerosol radiative forcing to global climate change; the development of novel optical-based instrumentation for aerosol and chemical detection.

Description of Scientific Projects

Current research is centered on the study of the evolution of carbonaceous aerosol optical properties with a focus on the role of the BC mixing state on these properties.

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