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Project Description

University of Maryland-College Park

Contact Info

University of Maryland-College Park
Geology and ESSIC
Chemistry Bldg #091, Rm. 1212
College Park, MD 20742

Dr. Michael Neil Evans
Associate Professor

Phone: (301) 405-8763
Fax: (301) 405-3597
Email: mnevans@geol.umd.edu
Website: http://one.geol.umd.edu/www/

Fields of Interest

tropical paleoclimatology, stable isotopes, proxy and climate modeling.

Description of Scientific Projects

I am interested in the role of tropical processes in global climate change. We develop new high resolution proxy climate data from stable isotopic composition of tropical trees and corals; forward model proxy climate observations to improve interpretability of such datasets; and develop probabilistic paleoclimate field reconstructions for the late Holocene to identify patterns, mechanisms, and predictability of tropically-mediated hydroclimatic variability and change.

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