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Project Description

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Contact Info

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Atmospheric Science and Global Change
Atmospheric Measurement Laboratory
MSIN K4-28
Richland, WA 99354

Daniel Cziczo

Phone: (509) 375-2725
Fax: 509-375-6448
Email: daniel.cziczo@pnl.gov
Website: www.pnl.gov/science/staff/staff_info.asp?staff_num=7136

Fields of Interest

Chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols. Cloud formation mechanisms and Earth's radiative budget. Meteoritic debris in the atmosphere.

Description of Scientific Projects

Development of ice nucleation chambers. Chemical composition measurements of aerosols responsible for cloud formation. Techniques for separation of cloud elements for subsequent analysis. Field studies of aerosol / cloud interactions. Development of parameterizations to bring laboratory and field measurements to regional and global models.

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