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Project Description

U.S. Geological Survey

Contact Info

U.S. Geological Survey

6000 J Street
Placer Hall
Sacramento, CA 95819

Dr David Schoellhamer

Phone: (916) 278-3126
Email: dschoell@usgs.gov
Website: cascade.wr.usgs.gov

Fields of Interest

estuarine geomorphology, estuarine sediment transport, wind-wave sediment resuspension and erosion, watershed sediment supply, tidal wetland restoration

Description of Scientific Projects

Intertidal mudflats and tidal wetlands are ecologically valuable habitats that are in equilibrium if sea level rise equals sediment (organic and inorganic) supply. Restoration of diked tidal wetlands is a major thrust of resource agencies, including for the San Francisco Bay and Delta. This project uses models and the wealth of data available in this estuary to determine if mudflats and existing and restored wetlands will be sustainable. We collaborate on a larger project developing scenarios of ecosystem change driven by climate change.

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