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Project Description

University of Washington

Contact Info

University of Washington
Atmospheric Sciences
710 Atmospheric Sciences
Box 351650
Seattle, WA 98195-1640

Dennis L Hartmann

Phone: (206) 543-7460
Fax: 206 685 9302
Email: dhartm@washington.edu
Website: www.atmos.washington.edu/~dennis/

Fields of Interest

Role of clouds and water vapor in climate sensitivity. Global Climate modeling. Low-Frequency variability of the climate system associated with dynamical feedback processes.4

Description of Scientific Projects

Testing climate model and cloud-resolving model simulations of clouds against observations from surface and space-based observations. Understanding the relationship between clouds and and water vapor in the atmosphere and mesoscale and large-scale climate processes. Eddy-Mean Flow interaction at low-frequency variability. The role of ENSO in the statosphere.

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