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Project Description

University of Maryland

Contact Info

University of Maryland
CSS Bldg, Room 2201
College Park, MD 20742

Dr Ragu G Murtugudde

Phone: (301) 314-2622
Fax: 301-405-8468
Email: ragu@essic.umd.edu
Website: essic.umd.edu/~ragu

Fields of Interest

Ocean's role in climate, air-sea interactions, physical-biological feedbacks, earth system interactions, climate and fisheries, global carbon cycle, tropical climate variability, ENSO/monsoon interactions, satellite data applications and assimilation

Description of Scientific Projects

Oceanic carbon cycle, Indian Ocean climate variability, role of salinity in the coupled ENSO prediction, Intraseasonal Oscillations and Indo-Pacific climate variability, Vector winds and applications of ocean and carbon modeling, altimetry for low frequency heat and mass variability in the tropics, data assimilation for physical/biological modeling, biological feedbacks at seasonal to decadal time-scales. Current as of 10/8/2002

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