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Project Description

Rutgers University

Contact Info

Rutgers University
Department of Environmental Sciences
14 College Farm Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8551

Dr Alan Robock

Phone: (732) 932-9478
Fax: 732-932-8644
Email: robock@envsci.rutgers.edu
Website: envsci.rutgers.edu/~robock

Fields of Interest

Climate change- regional impacts, soil mositure, volcanic eruptions

Description of Scientific Projects

My research involves several aspects of climate change. I conduct both observational analyses and climate model simulations. My current research focuses on regional modeling to produce scenarios for impact analysis, on soil moisture variations, and on the effects of volcanic eruptions on climate. I am running the RAMS model to simulate the New Jersey climate response to global warming and land surface changes, to produce scenarios for use in impact analysis, especially potential changes in water resources. I am using actual soil moisture observations to evaluate land surface models and to analyze long-term climate changes. And I am using lidar to measure stratospheric aerosols and conducting climate model simulations of the 1991 Pinatubo and 1783 Lakagígar eruptions to evaluate summer temperature responses and dynamical forcing that produces an Arctic Oscillation-type response in the climate system. I would be happy to have a postdoc interested in working with me and my group on any of these topics. Current as of 11/5/2002

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