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Rockefeller & Columbia Universities

Contact Info

Rockefeller & Columbia Universities
Laboratory of Populations & Earth Institute
1230 York Avenue, Box 20
New York, NY 10065-6399

Dr Joel E Cohen

Phone: (212) 327-8883
Fax: (212) 327-8712
Email: cohen@rockefeller.edu
Website: http://lab.rockefeller.edu/cohenje/

Fields of Interest

Human population distribution and dynamics in relation to environmental factors (such as agriculture, biodiversity, sea level, water supply); human, environmental, economic interactions; mathematical modeling and statistical analysis.

Description of Scientific Projects

If climate change leads to sea level rise, how many people will be affected, and where are those people? How can the spatial distribution of future population be projected? How could global change affect ecological systems important to humans, such as agriculture, forests and freshwater supply? How do human global interventions in biogeochemical cycles affect nonhuman living systems? What will happen to human infectious diseases as a result of global changes? How is variability linked to average levels of population density, tornado outbreak intensity, and other variables of ecological and environmental importance? Current as of 12/15/2015.

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