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Project Description

University of South Florida

Contact Info

University of South Florida
Remote Sensing/ Biological Oceanography
140 7th Ave. south
College of Marine Science
St Petersburg, FL 33701

Dr Frank Muller-Karger

Phone: (727) 553-3335
Fax: 727-553-1103
Email: carib@marine.usf.edu
Website: imars.marine.usf.edu

Fields of Interest

ocean remote sensing (VIS/ IR), ocean biogeochemistry, biological oceanography, corals (remote sensing and impact of change)

Description of Scientific Projects

We apply various remote sensing tools, including optical and microwave sensors, to examine large-scale variability and impact on carbon fluxes, biological production, general oceanography, and coral reef health. The satellite data are combined with data collected in the field by our group and by others. Part of the effort is focused on validation of the satellite data, but most of the effort is dedicated to addressing scientific issues. We collect much of our own satellite data (AVHRR, SeaWiFS, MODIS) and work on new products to distribute to various communities. The program has a strong international focus.

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