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5200 Auth Road, Room 601
World Weather Building
Camp Springs, MD 20746

Dr Ralph R Ferraro

Phone: (301) 763-8521
Fax: 301-763-8580
Email: Ralph.R.Ferraro@noaa.gov
Website: orbit-net.nesdis.noaa.gov/arad2/microwave.html

Fields of Interest

Remote sensing of hydrological variables

Description of Scientific Projects

We develop retrieval algorithms, then create data bases, from primarily passive microwave sensors on board polar orbiting satellites. We have developed a database from the SSM/I sensor that is over 15 years in length, and continue to develop new products to add to this database. We have also begun to develop a similar data base with the NOAA AMSU sensor (first placed into operation in May 1998). The products include rainfall, water vapor, cloud water, snow cover and sea ice. New products include rain error estimates, variance, areal coverage and frequency of occurance. We desire an individual who can perform in depth comparisons and develop new applications with these data sets. Current as of 11/5/01

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