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Project Description

University of Washington

Contact Info

University of Washington
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Box 351640
Seattle, WA 98195-1640

Dr Christopher Bretherton

Phone: (206) 685-7414
Fax: 206-685-9302
Email: breth@atmos.washington.edu
Website: www.atmos.washington.edu/~breth

Fields of Interest

Atmospheric convection, clouds, boundary layers, and climate modeling

Description of Scientific Projects

Both deep and shallow moist convection are profoundly important to the atmospheric general circulation and climate change. Particular problems of current research interest to me include: Global simulations using cloud-resolving models and superparameterization for studying convective organization and cloud processes in the climate system, boundary-layer cloud-aerosol-precipitation interaction (especially over the Southern Ocean), the role of low-cloud feedbacks on past and future climate variations, conventional and machine learning approaches to parameterization of atmospheric boundary layers and cumulus convection, and the development of tropical precipitation biases in seasonal ocean-coupled forecasts. My group blends simple theoretical models, cloud-scale modeling, large-scale modeling, data analyses, and participation in field studies.

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