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Project Description

University of California Santa Barbara

Contact Info

University of California Santa Barbara
Ellison Hall 6806
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Qinghua Ding

Email: qinghua@ucsb.edu

Fields of Interest

Tropical-extratropical Teleconnection Large-scale Atmosphere/Ocean Interaction Polar Climate Variability Paleoclimate Climate Change Seasonal Prediction Coupled Climate Modeling

Description of Scientific Projects

Qinghua Ding accepted a faculty position at UCSB in 2016. For future research, his focus is on exploring polar-lower latitude connection in the past 1000 years by using atmosphere-ocean-ice fully coupled GCM, isotope-enabled GCM and paleo-climate proxy data. The ultimate goal is to provide more reliable future projections of the polar climate response to anthropogenic climate forcing.

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