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Project Description

University of Washington

Contact Info

University of Washington
Climate Impacts Group, College of the Environment
Box 355674
Seattle, WA 98195-5672

Joe Casola
Deputy Director

Phone: (206) 616-5347
Email: jcasola@uw.edu
Website: www.cig.uw.edu

Fields of Interest

Regional Climate Variability and Climate Change, Applied Climatology, Extreme Events, Hydrology, Use of Climate Information by Decision Makers, Climate Communications

Description of Scientific Projects

The Climate Impacts Group at the University of Washington conducts pioneering research on climate variability, climate change, and climate impacts, and works with public and private entities to apply this information in risk assessment, planning, and decision making. My work focuses heavily on water resources in the Pacific Northwest, and how climate-driven impacts on water will affect decisions related to water management, ecosystems, energy, land use, and transportation. We have a wide range of projects that would be appropriate for researchers interested in analysis of historical climate records; designing climate and hydrological model experiments (especially those involving dynamic downscaling of regional climate models); exploring the link between climate impacts and extreme events such as heat waves, floods, and droughts; developing novel ways to present and communicate information about past and future climate. Please contact us to learn more. We are excited to discuss YOUR ideas that might contribute to our work!

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