Database of Heliophysics Hosts

Project Description

University of Colorado

Contact Info

University of Colorado
Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Campus Box 429
Boulder, COLORADO 80309

Professor Jeffrey M Forbes

Phone: (303) 956-4958
Fax: (303) 492-7881

Research Interests

Professor Forbes' research interests include the upper atmosphere environments of Earth, Mars, and other planets; coupling of these environments to lower altitudes and to solar variability; geomagnetic storm effects on satellite drag variability; the vertical propagation of tides and planetary waves in planetary atmospheres, and their electrodynamic and chemical effects; utilization of accelerometer, satellite drag, and satellite remote sensing data to elucidate atmospheric variability, and to test, validate and develop upper atmosphere models.

Candidates' Preferred Background

Experience with data analysis tools (regression, spectral analysis) and working with satellite data. Some background in one or more of the following: atmospheric dynamics, large-scale waves propagation throughout the atmosphere, ion-neutral coupling, chemical-dynamical coupling.