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Project Description

Helio Research

Contact Info

Helio Research
Space Weather
5212 Maryland Ave
La Crescenta, CA 91214

Sara F. Martin

Phone: (818) 957-7507
Fax: (818) 957-7092

Research Interests

The long-term build-up to CMEs, the chirality and helicity of solar features individually and collectively; formation of filament channels filaments, filament cavities; the eruption of filaments and prominences, CME initiation and propagation, the source and evolution of solar magnetic fields of all scales. Analysis of multiple wavelengths of data from ground-based and space-based observatories, especially the Dutch Open Telescope (DOT), SOHO, STEREO, and SDO

Candidates' Preferred Background

experience in observing and instrumentation and/or analyzing magnetic field data, filtergram and or spectral data on filaments, prominences, CMEs and other transient events such as surges, spicules and sigmoids; strong programming and/or computing (IDL, solarsoft, Unix) and writing skills; team player but also ability to work independently