Database of Heliophysics Hosts

Project Description

University of New Hampshire

Contact Info

University of New Hampshire
Space Science Center and Department of Physics
8 College Raod
Durham, NH 03824

Harald Kucharek

Phone: (603) 862-2948
Fax: (603) 862-0311

Research Interests

My research interests in space physics span the broad range of topics including plasma transport, shock and foreshock physics, and particle acceleration. In particular, I am interested to understand the kinetic-scale processes that are determine macro-scale plasma dynamic. I have dedicated a significant fraction of my research effort towards understanding kinetic processes associated with space plasma shocks, which I find particularly appealing due to their universality; shocks are ubiquitous throughout the cosmos, and the associated particle acceleration is a key contributor to the production of cosmic rays, for example.

Candidates' Preferred Background

- Helospheric and magnetospheric physics - Experience in data analysis - Experience in programming