Database of Heliophysics Hosts

Project Description

University of New Hampshire

Contact Info

University of New Hampshire
Space Science Center and Department of Physics
8 College Rd
Durham, NH 03824

Noe Lugaz

Phone: (603) 862-5045

Research Interests

Coronal Mass Ejection and Their Effects on the Dayside Magnetosphere and Radiation Belts - CME propagation in the inner heliosphere and CME-CME interaction - Remote observations of CMEs (LASCO, STEREO/COR and HI) - Remote and in-situ data analysis of CMEs (STEREO, ACE, Wind) - MHD simulations - CME-driven shock formation and properties, including suprathermal and solar energetic particle acceleration - CME initiation and magnetic topology related to CMEs - In situ measurements of CMEs and shocks - Effects of CMEs in the dayside magnetosphere, including the bow shock and magnetopause and on Earth's outer radiation belt, using RBSP, Themis, Cluster, Geotail

Candidates' Preferred Background