Database of Heliophysics Hosts

Project Description

Princeton University

Contact Info

Princeton University
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program
P. O. Box CN710
Sayre Hall
Princeton, NJ 08542

Dr Kirk Bryan

Phone: (609) 258-3688
Fax: 609-258-2850

Research Interests

Ocean Modeling

Candidates' Preferred Background

Ocean models are a basic component of research on large-scale, air-sea interaction and climate change. While traditional models have been very successfully applied to these problems, extensive testing has revealed some very important biases that can only be overcome by using models of very high resolution. There is an obvious need for analyzing the source of model areas, and designing new models which are more efficient in simulating ocean circulation. My research in cooperation with groups at the Geophysical Fluid dynamics laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratories has the goal of designing and testing a hybrid model that will serve the needs of ocean modeling in the future.